Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Playing by the rules...

At the risk of telling you more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the PH and I, I will tell you that we have a rule that neither of us can wear more than one piece of clothing to bed (it’s OK to shudder; I’m kind of grossed out by talking about this too!)
Anyway, I broke the rule last night by wearing two pieces of clothing to bed. The PH noticed as he was getting into bed and decided to teach me a lesson by keeping his sweatpants on. A few minutes later – after apparently stewing about my choice of clothes for awhile – he got up and began digging through the closet. Turns out he was looking for his wool sweater. I laughingly directed him to where it was and just kept laughing as he put it on and got back in bed.
I actually found the sweater to be quite comfortable to cuddle up to and antagonized him by covering him with the down comforter while he was wearing the sweater. Seeing as the PH sweats at night more than anyone I know, I figured covering him with the comforter would teach him a lesson and we could all move on with our lives.
Turns out he’s a pretty stubborn guy and he kept the sweater on. To add insult to injury, when I was trying to wrestle the sweater off of him, I knocked him off the bed. So he curled up on the floor.
I stole the down pillow he had bought that night and promptly fell asleep. Turns out he did too and he spent two hours sleeping on the floor (in the sweater!) before he returned to the bed. Never a dull moment in our household…


PuceMole said...

Poor PH... If he ever reads this post he'll be mortified. Or turned-on?

And where was the baby during this? What about the baby? Won't anybody please think about the baby?!

Anonymous said...

Yea I am curious as to where the pup was too. I mean we know that SJ's baby sleeps in the bed- and if this were to happen at her house- what would B have done?
Wrestled for the wool sweater?

KAT said...

Don't worry, everyone... the "baby" has her own bedroom (and sometimes she lets us use the toilet and shower in it!) She is no longer a presence in our bedroom after two tortured nights of whining (she was tortured, we were whining).
SJ's dog would have had a field day with the wool sweater-- he's not only a personal heater, a fierce watch dog against chirping birds and a champion stair climber (they're still working on "stair descender..."), but he's apparently appointed himself the fashion police in SJ's house. How she is sneaking out of the house without B seeing the dark overlord outfit and the striped tights is beyond me!