Thursday, March 23, 2006

I’ve been labeled by Ticketmaster.

Just because I’m going to the Billy Joel concert, I’ve been labeled as an 80s-head. This morning, in my inbox, I found: “Don’t miss Rick Springfield!”

Are you kidding me?

I am wearing the best shoes ever today. They’re new. They’re olive green. They’re rounded toes with a little rhinestone button, and they’re 2 inch heels.

Perhaps it is a woman thing. But it’s true – when I put on a pair of fantastic shoes, no matter what else I may be wearing, it makes me feel great. and since I’m limited in my ability to walk in most heels, it’s tough for me to find a pair that looks great and that I can walk in. And also because I know the rest of my outfit doesn’t exactly go, my shoes totally do.

From the knee down, I am totally put together today. Otherwise, as usual, I’m a mess.

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stac said...

I am so bummed. Apparently I'm the only one who wasn't able to get Billy Joel tickets. :(