Tuesday, October 18, 2005

who *are* these people?

So like I mentioned, our class reunion is coming up. I volunteered to meet up with the organizer and go through some ideas and help find some people.

Well, because the anal project manager in me makes it so, I went through and put our class in a spreadsheet from our yearbook. As I'm looking through the pictures, very little came rushing back.

Honestly? who ARE these people? many i remember, i do. but i had to flip back through the sports and club pages to see if maybe a few jogged my memory. not so much. and i was pretty involved in high school. but it really is a blur. it's been a long 10 years.

stacey- who on earth was clifford hosaflook and how have we never picked on that name?! he looks big, however. and possibly footballesque. which might be why we left him alone. or maybe he picked on me? if so, i'm sorely disappointed in 1995 sj.

looking at other pictures, and reading quotes, i'm wondering what they turned out to be like. did the 'roids catch up with a few of these guys? were the pretty and popular girls still beautiful and living a glamorous life? did any of the unpopular and not so pretty turn into lovely swans with or without plastic surgery?

and of course, it makes you wonder what kind of impression you'll make. i mean, i haven't seen 95 percent of these people in 10 years. what do they expect me to look like? will I be easily recognized? will no one know who I am? will someone say -- ooh- the years were not so kind to her? (if so, i don't want to know about it)

i am sad to say that i recognized at least three divorces that i personally know of, which seems so ... well, sad. a lot can happen in 10 years. i'm looking forward to the event with mixed trepidatious feelings and excited feelings. i'm mostly looking at this as a chance to reconnect with people with the person i am now. maybe i'll come away with a whole batch of new friends, or maybe it will make me appreciate my friends that i have now all the more. and js and i have vowed that shopping and new outfits are definitely in order.


KAT said...

I think new outfits and crash diets are a rule for 10-year high school reunions (or any reunion). Personally, I've prepared for mine by practicing my shopping technique for the last 10 years and mentally preparing myself to shed 40 pounds in the three weeks left before the event!

KAT said...

A spreadsheet-- really?!? I think we can all figure out exactly what your former classmates are going to be saying about you!

Stacey said...

Ah - good 'ol Cliff! Ok, I'll be honest. I had to pull out the old yearbook cause I couldn't remember what he looked like! He was on the football team. That's all I remember.

Ronnie Francis said...

I have no idea who Cliff is either!!! OMG!!! Then again, I never went to ESPN High, so I have a mighty good excuse for my memory lapse.

I'll tell you what I did to prepare for my 10 year re-union... I ignored it. I was too busy shopping online at Banana Republic or something. Yeah.