Thursday, October 20, 2005

When the bee stings... when I can't find any strudel...

These are a few of my favorite things today:

- The smell of the air on cool fall nights (unless it's close to chalk night, in which case, spare me the smell of rotting pumpkin and eggs).
- Getting a note in the mail from an old friend.
- a really good baked potato
- Diana Krall's voice in my car stereo on my long winding road home.
- The fact that my husband does the laundry.

Some more lists because they're fun and thought provoking.... or well kind of. I mean, my thoughts were provoked. I'm in a romantic mood... so let's go with...

Top Three Love Scenes EVER in a Movie.
1) Rhett and Scarlett, dining room scene.
2) loveactually - The doorbell scene at Christmas. (with kiera and the cute gallery guy)
3) Tom and Renee - you complete me, jerry mcguire, even with your Cruis-azy leading man psychosis that you carry into real life.

Top Three Best love-makin' songs.
1) kd lang's "all i need" on the drag cd
2) harry connick jr's to see you cd -- most of the songs (it's possible i've never heard the entire cd)
3) paula cole "feelin' good"

So I was invited to a Halloween party next week, costumes required. Leave your comment for the costume you'd most like to see KAT or me in, and maybe we'll wear them, and maybe we'll post a picture.

Oh- and the best joke of the week:
What did the zero say to the eight?

(wait for it)

"nice belt."

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stace said...

I have another "Top Three Love Scenes EVER in a Movie" suggestion - when Richard Gere picks up Julia Roberts in the final scene of Pretty Woman.