Friday, September 16, 2005

I can't think of the next words in the bible... so I'll just go with "Next!"

i find it a particular challenge to be funny to the masses on command, but I'm all about the challenge.

I just called KAT- aka Busty LaRoux - to get the password and log in so that I could document my early morning thoughts. I woke her, which I feel -- well honestly, not so bad about. It's nearly 9 a.m. The rest of the Eastern time zone is already hard at work. I'd recap the conversation, but there was talk of the gynecologist and the equipment used by said friend, so I'll just skip it.

today is my dog's birthday. he is officially one. (quick side note - is my random capitlization annoying? It's not so much lazy or stupidity -- it's more like a constant argument with my Mac keyboard). so yesterday, as a throwback to puppyhood and one last hurrah, he decided to randomly eat my brand new shoes that I had worn yesterday for the first time. i've left plenty of shoes out before, but I've never lost one. not a one. and yesterday, as we stepped out to run an errand and allowed him to be free, he decided it was a good time to try some anne klein. apparently he grew weary of the rawhide that litters our living room floor.

he's lucky he's cute. if he were an ugly dog, he'd so be in the dog house.

so that's not a funny tale, but that's my life. funny mostly in retrospective vignettes.

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