Thursday, September 15, 2005

In the beginning...

KAT wrote:
Hey, I was just up late reading Jackie's blog that she writes with two friends and it gave me an idea... we should start a blog! We're both pretty good writers :) and we are definitely funny-- what more do you need?!? I think that our emails are hysterical and I think it would be great fun (you made sure to use a British accent when reading that, right?) to put some of our comedy out into the marketplace and see what people think. If nothing else, WE would get a kick out of it! If you think this is a good idea, great. If not, we'll chalk it up to a late night and too many man problems to think straight! Later...

SJ wrote:
Great idea. I'm all for it. I was trying to think of a british expression to use. I couldn't think of one. Bullocks!
Look into a hosting program, would ya? You have more free time on your hands :P I'm just kidding. I'm totally funny and I'm a really well writer. I mean, I can right with the better of them. Totally.

KAT wrote:
I already have a couple of topics I'm ready to write about-- married and/or older men and not eating red meat among them. By the way, I laughed out loud at your "attempts" to write. Not everybody have the abilatee to write so good as me!

SJ wrote:
Thank you for esteemed editorial opinion. I take a lot of stalk in it. I'm going to see how many malapropisms I can throw into our correspondences from now. And I've always wanted to tour the Andy's mountains.

KAT wrote:
Our blog has a fan! We are genuises! We have yet to write a word (at least a good word--and not words like the "Andy's Mountains"!) and already someone is looking foreward to our contributions to the Whirled Wide Web. Of course, our fan is my dad, but I say he still counts! I told him our idea for a blog and- after explaining to him what a blog is- I got a positive response. I told him we're doing it because we get such a kick out of our emails to each other and he had the good idea to post our emails to the blog. I think it would be very funny to post a couple of the craziest messages and see if people think we're as funny as we think (wait, I mean... oh you get it, I'm shore).
Of course, I think we can only do this if we come up with creative knicknames for one another. I'm thinking I'll be Busty (it may be my only chance to claim I'm busty!) and you need something... (and nothing Victorian or Edwardian or Sara Janeian because that will just confuse me!)
Love, your funnier half
P.S. There are four malapropisms in this message (at least the ones I did on purpose). Can you find them all?

SJ wrote:
Let's see. You spelled geniuses wrong, and the irony of that is not lost on me. Whirled Wide Web. Really? You're shore. And of course. Knicknames. Come on.... that's all you got? Bring it!And the biggest joke of all -- my funnier half! Whatever! I smell a challenge. Okay. My nickname shall be: Navdar. No idea. Just came to me. A stroke of pure genus (V, to be exact. What percentage of the world population thinks Kristen is funny: a) 1 percentb) 5.6 percent c) one half).

...And the rest is history!


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...I seemed to have stumbled upon the two funniest gals I know. Their quick wit and bawdy bit is always a good show. I look forward to more postings and unsubstantiated boastings. But for now, I really have to go...

Zam said...

Sorry, I was looking for "furnygals." Could somebody please direct me to the Web site with lurid pictures of women posed with 7-piece dinette sets, two piece-hutches, and ottomans? Or is that ottomen? Or ottowomen? Anyway, I've got my furniture polish and I'm ready to go.