Monday, July 04, 2011

At least he let me come back

The Pretend Husband called me one afternoon last week and said, "You know, you should go visit your sister and nephews. You both stay home with the kids and there's no reason you can't go in the middle of the week." I said he was right and thought that I should plan a trip to visit the cutest nephews in the world soon. But the PH was thinking even more immediately.

"I think you should go this week."

His reasoning had something to do with having a very busy week ahead of him at work and not wanting to feel pressured to get home to see FunnyKid and I, but he was so persistent, I started to get a little suspicious. When I told him I had spoken to kat's lil sis and would be leaving the next morning, the PH said, "Why don't you leave tonight? You can get in the car at FunnyKid's bedtime and get there around midnight."

If I had taken his advice, it would have meant leaving within two hours. Maybe more experienced moms can pull off packing for herself and her kiddo and being out the door in 120 minutes, but I need more time to prepare. I stood up to the pressure and kept the plan that didn't involve me driving five hours in the middle of the night with no notice.

So FunnyKid and I took off the next morning-- but not before I set up nannycams around the house, put a tracking device on the PH's car and paid the neighbor to keep an eye on things (with binoculars).


Kelli said...

I'm intrigued! Surely he's up to something. Probably something good. You must keep us updated!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like someone is scheming! But then, maybe we too often assume that people have hidden motives. Maybe he really just wants to see you have fun, and feels guilty about leaving you guys alone.

Have fun!

KAT's lil sis said...

It doesn't seem like the PH got himself into too much trouble while you were gone and we loved having you visit, so I think it was a win-win situation! :)