Friday, June 17, 2011

All this and I'm still carrying baby weight?!?

While lots of people talk about recovering from childbirth and how physically demanding that is (and it is), there's a lot less chatter about the months and months that follow and what kind of aches and pains are associated with them. Which is where my million-dollar idea comes in: a workout based on what moms of babies and toddlers do every day.

The workout involves a lot of sitting on the floor (which isn't always as easy as it looks. As someone accustomed to sitting in a chair at work, I had to get used to the extra drop). Ok, sit on the floor with legs straight out or crossed or whatever is comfortable for you. Ok, sit, sit, sit. Now jump up and run!

Again. Sit, sit. Baby is going for the dog's water bowl! Get up and run!
Sit, sit. Baby is about to go head first down the stairs! Get up and sprint!

Are you feeling it? Are those thighs burning yet?

Oh, but we're not done yet. Back down on the floor. Ok, now get a 20-pound weight and get up off the floor without using your hands and without dropping the weight (the weight cries-- loudly-- if you do that). Do that about a million times.

Almost there. Now stand up and put the 20-pound weight on the floor between your feet. Bend over from the waist and lift the 20-pound weight up over your head, hold and return the weight to the floor. The 20-pound weight thinks this is a great game and wants to do it again! And again! Repeat at least 35 more times and be prepared for the weight to be upset when you stop.

How do you feel? Good. Only eight more hours before Daddy gets home and you can take a break!

Tomorrow, we work on stretching your arms by reaching under the couch for a lost toy and will add some resistance by having the weight flail around while you try to lift it. Now hit the showers (but only if the 20-pound weight is napping and you've finished everything else you have to do today).


Kimberly said...

So true! My husband says I'm more toned now than I was before I had two kids in less than two years, even though I was pretty fit before. And the only exercise I get is chasing my kiddos around!

Sam_I_am said...

now, imagine doing it if you were pregnant again. I think I'm going to wait til this one is in college before I have another! lol

hapi said...
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Kimberly said...

Sam_I_am, my kids are 12 months and 18 days apart, and they were both late walkers (14 months). So I did LOTS of hauling of one baby while pregnant with the second... I think I have permanent back/knee issues from hauling one toddler on each hip (combined they weigh almost 47 lbs. now), but when I'm in a hurry, I don't have time to dawdle at their pace or chase them in two different directions. So I risk my posture and my future ability to walk in order to make it places on time!

Taylor said...

Having the toughest time shedding this baby weight! I still have quite a ways to go and my little one is already 4 months old! We suspect I am battling hypothyroidism, though ... but still! I'm right there with ya! Even at 4 months, I feel like Emma gives me a workout! haha