Monday, November 01, 2010

Nope, no baby. I'm just crazy.

As FunnyKid's mom, one of my main jobs is to talk and sing to him a lot to help him develop his language skills (I will be the one with the kindergartner using words like "extracurricular" and "synonymous"-- but since SJ is as much of a word nerd as I am, her kiddo will probably be conversing right along with FunnyKid!) So I spend most of my day chatting with the little one-- describing what we're passing in the car, telling him how autumn works and discussing what's on the agenda for the day.

The other day, we were at the grocery store and I wheeled FunnyKid's stoller up to the deli counter to order some meats and cheeses. "We are getting some turkey," I said to FunnyKid after I had ordered. "Daddy likes turkey on his sandwiches, so we're buying him some turkey and I'll make him sandwiches to take to work."

The worker behind the counter finally looked at me and said, "Do you have a baby with you?"

I quickly replied, "Yes. Yes, I do. (moving him away so she could see him from behind the high counter) Otherwise, you must have thought I'm just crazy, talking to myself like that..."

She didn't answer.

1 comment:

Nanc Twop said...

Was hoping you'd say:
'No.. no baby. Why do you ask?'

*Whilst slyly using your cameraphone to record her reaction for us. ;-)