Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Story: The Penny Edition

I've been long absent from this blog, but now, I have some news to share.

The FunnyKid's betrothed was born on Saturday! That is, my daughter was born on Saturday, three weeks before her due date. The child knows how to make an entrance.

Are you surprised? No? Because we were. Seriously.

The weekend started off with a celebratory dinner with the PH and KAT for the PH's birthday on Friday night. It was a great night out that we don't have very often. I ate a delicious steak with horseradish sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and pink lemonade. We had some laughs, played some cards, marveled at the Funnykid's cuteness....

And went into labor.

OK. That part was just me. In fact, it actually happened at home. Earlier in the evening, KAT had joked (or accurately predicted) that I would be going into labor around 3 a.m.

But around 11:45 when I was laying in bed with my husband, contemplating whether or not I had to pee, I felt a warm rush of fluid. Naturally, I assumed that I had just wet myself. Until it happened three more times. And I did what every paranoid pregnant lady who doesn't want to be the one to call the doctor because she peed herself: I googled "What does it feel like when your water breaks." We had talked about it a few times (KAT, the PH and us) and the PH had assured me that "that hardly ever happens."

And while that's true, it's exactly what happened to me. My water broke. I was the one in the emergency room with a towel. I had known when I left the house that I would be coming back with a baby - I cried when I said goodbye to Bailey. I was waiting for my husband with my packed bags. I am quite certain that J believed it to be a false alarm. This was confirmed when we got to the hospital and the nurse confirmed what I had known at this point: my water was broken. And we were going to have a baby that day.

The next few hours were loooong. But, 14 hours later, we met our little girl. Neither one of us can believe we were allowed to take her home.

I have learned some valuable lessons in the past few days, which I am more than happy to share with you all. But, right now, I have a sweet baby to cuddle.


jal12771 said...

Congrats!! SO EXCITED for Baby Penny

sj's mom said...

Yea now the whole blog world has seen the picture of our beautiful precious GRANDDAUGHTER!
Welcome to this world honey and such great parents! Teach them well they have sooooooooo much to learn!! Your very happy grandparents!

jal12771 said...

I HAD To meet SJ's mom

Megs said...

It HAD to be the horseradish sauce and garlic!!! Congrats again <3

KAT's lil sis said...

What a gorgeous little girl, SJ! And I had to chuckle to myself when you said you couldn't believe you were allowed to take her home because I felt exactly the same way when I took my firstborn home too. The nurses didn't even check my credentials before we walked out the door. ;)
I hope you and hubby are soaking in every precious minute with Penny....babies grow up way too fast.

Sarah said...

Ha! My water broke in the hospital - and yeah, no way I will ever mistake THAT for anything else. I was in a narcotic-induced sleep and it still woke me up. What a weird feeling.

Penny is absolutely adorable. Ian and Owen will be fighting over who gets to take her to the prom, some years from now. ;-)

kk said...

she's beautiful! congratulations!

Sally said...

So happy for you, she is absolutely gorgeous! However, she may want to get on Charlie's waiting list as well as the Funny Kid's, you know, just to keep her options open! Plus, with the 6 year age gap she gets to date an older man!

Sam_I_am said...

ah! I've been in a bloggy absences myself and this is exactly what I came back to find out about! Congrats!