Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why my mom deserved a medal

I pulled out my baby book the other day to check on how much I weighed at birth. While I was a normal weight (I weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces), I discovered I was born almost THREE WEEKS after my due date. Seriously, three weeks. And only after they induced my mom.

You know how, while people talk about the nine months of pregnancy, it's actually 10 months long? Well, my mom was pregnant for almost 11 months! I'm surprised she didn't love me much less than my siblings for putting her through that (or, at least she didn't show it!)

At this point, I'm just hoping the timing of FunnyKid's arrival isn't hereditary. I'm counting down the final two weeks of this pregnancy (hoping it doesn't go quite that long) and don't think I could take it if I had to go another three weeks past that.


sj's mom said...

Hi Kat
Feel I had better make a comment as to why there might be such a difference in the due date.Way back then we did not have the ultrasounds and like to get such details as how the baby was growing. Measuring the outside was their best guess. And due date was last date of period ...
which sometimes was kind of a guess also. No such option as in home preg test kits,.... we waited to hear about the bunny! Since none of mine came close to their due date was sure things were off I actually did not know anyone who delivered on the date! But I do remember drs did not let women go past a week to 10 days after due date. They were always induced by different means. Don't worry just have a happy healthy baby and be surprised like we were way back then!

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The Hungry Housewives said...

I was born in '75 and they thought I would be born during Thanksgiving but came two days after Christmas being a 10lb, 10oz baby...and my mom is only 5'2"!!!! Goodness.