Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keeping it in perspective...

The Pretend Husband has picked up a lot of the slack since I was put on bed rest. The other day he not only remembered his mom's birthday was coming up, but he went out and bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion (he's good about stuff like that-- but usually only after I remind him of upcoming birthdays and come up with a gift idea).

When he got home that day, he gave me a bouquet of daisies he had bought at the same time he got his mom's flowers. When SJ and J came over the next day, I started teasing the PH, saying, "Look at the pretty daisies the PH got me. Of course, his mom got a huge bouquet that included orchids..."

The PH's response? "It's her birthday. You're just pregnant."

(Just for that, I had better be getting the biggest bouquet he can carry when I give birth to his child!)


Anonymous said...

That comment jump-started my day!! :D :D :D

kk said...

Um, you should be thinking a lot bigger than FLOWERS when you GIVE BIRTH. I'm thinking jewelry.

(PS: my verification word is "porks". I had no idea your blog was getting so risque)

Pollyanna said...

Flowers AND jewelry AND a pedicure.

But make him pay for and take you to the pedicure before you go to the hospital. You have to have pretty tootsies so you can fool yourself into believing everyone is looking at them and NOT staring at your va-jay-jay.

Soda and Candy said...

Y'all are crazy talking ab0out jewelry and pedicures! Don't you know they're gonna need that money to spend on the baby?