Thursday, July 15, 2010

There goes my dream of being a supermodel's mom

I had an extra ultrasound yesterday because the doctor thought FunnyKid might be measuring big (he or she is actually a tad on the small side so that's science for ya!) This is the third ultrasound I've had and it went about as well as the first two.

Meaning, we have some great photos of an arm, a foot and the baby's spine-- but none that would, you know, actually identify the subject as an actual baby. Last time, the baby was facing my back and wouldn't show his or her face for anything. This time, the little bugger kept putting a hand in front of his or her face (please, no flash photography!)

It's par for the course since every time FunnyKid gets all playful and jumpy inside me, it only takes me telling someone to put their hand on my stomach if they want to feel the baby for the little one to settle right down and pretend they've been asleep the whole time (people may be questioning my sanity...)

Yesterday, the kiddo took it a step further and was not only wholly uncooperative with having his or her photo taken, but actually kicked the ultrasound wand. Seriously, the kick was so hard, the wand popped up off my belly.

Ok, maybe he or she won't be a model, but I'm still holding out for professional soccer player.


Soda and Candy said...

Yes, soccer player!! And in preparation you must give the child an awesome standalone name for when he/she becomes famous.

Kellie said...

Or a ninja! My little girl is going to be a black belt I just know it!

Multi-Ainjo said...

I have to say, the fact that this baby is already sheilding their face from pictures speaks highly of them becoming a famous person. Maybe not a model, since models need to allow pictures, but certainly famous.

Your post made me giggle. *sigh* no more kids for me, but my first DID turn out to love soccer. I knew it by her kicking me incessantly. And my second one likes break dancing.

That's not panic inducing for me at all, considering he's 3 years old and has no fear! ha ha ha.