Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lesson learned.

We get together with the BAC family pretty regularly because both BAC's wife and mine (love you, PH!) are huge "American Idol" fans... and BAC and I are big fans of making fun of AI, causing us to be yelled at pretty regularly while it's on.

Anyway, we almost always meet up at the BAC's house and we usually bring Molly & Casey with us. Yesterday, I tried a couple of different ways to have our plans work out so the dogs could go with us, but the PH put the kibosh on it because it would have included one of us doing a heck of a lot of driving to pick them up and get them to the BAC house. Which was fine that they missed a night of "American Idol."

Until we got to the BAC house and realized their daughter, who is almost 2, was counting on hanging out with her furry friends. Her parents had talked it up and she had even pantomimed how she was going to help feed the dogs their dinner. I quickly shifted the blame onto the PH, who felt absolutely terrible when he saw Little BAC's face. And here we thought she enjoyed spending time with us! Believe me, lesson learned and we will NOT be leaving the dogs home again.

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Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

All of my nieces and nephews, when they were growing up, referred to my home as "Trixie's House." Trixie is my Jack Russell terrier. They came to visit her. Period. I was simply "that lady who feeds Trixie."

Sometimes, it's important to know where you stand! Thanks for the story! I feel your pain!