Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to our home. Want to borrow a sweater?

The Pretend Husband and I are notoriously frugal people, especially when it comes to spending what seems like bajillions of dollars on heating oil. Basically, we don't like to do it. So we keep our house at a temperature that we seem to have gotten used to, but leaves our guests blowing into their hands and cutting short their visits. We generally keep our thermostat between 60 and 64 and only bump it above that if people are coming over (although sometimes we forget and have to amuse ourselves by watching everyone's breath until it warms up in the living room).

Anyway, I've been told having the temperature of our (large, inefficient, hard to heat) home kept in the low 60s is crazy. But we put on extra layers, always wear socks or slippers and deal with it.

Except when the PH and I got into bed to take a nap yesterday afternoon and I just.couldn't.warm.up. I had on extra layers and yet my feet were still ice-cold enough to wake the PH out of a deep sleep (he pretends to be angry when I do that, but I know he loves it). After 20 minutes of shivering and not being able to sleep, I decided our bedroom had probably gotten below 60 degrees and I would turn up the heat just a bit. That's when I glanced at the thermometer in our room and noticed it read: 56.

Fifty-six. Although the thermostat was set for 61, our room is far enough away from it that having it get that cold doesn't necessarily kick the heat on. So, I jumped out of bed, ran to the thermostat and, to make up for my misery, jacked it all the way up to 66.


Andy said...

Been there- my dad used to be the Ebenezer Scrooge of thermostats. I would be so cold at night, I'd wake up shivering (at least that's how I remember it).
Now, I try to keep it on the warm side, promising to myself I'll never be like that. Of course, then I get the electric bill and #%&#!
At least the place I'm in now is relatively energy efficient and uses electric heat; my last place in Conn. used heating oil, which cost me about $200 a month. And that's when oil was cheap and I barely had the heat on.

Lizzy and Elle said...

My mother keeps her house at freezing until we come to visit...then she sits and bitches on how warm it is....

M said...

I keep my heating at 65 and the house is lovely and warm - except for my bedroom (no sarcastic comments thank you!). It is an extension and my bed is waaaayyy down the other end of the room far away from the heating vent. This requires me to wear multiple layers of clothing when I go to bed. Tres sexy!

BrunoEscobarTelemundo said...

Don't forget to pack your bathing suit when you, the PH and the kids come over tomorrow night. Our place tends to hover in the mid-high 70's. Got to love the wood stove.....Aloha.

Nanc Twop said...

Psst. Run to the store for
an electric mattress pad.

To quote a sub sandwich ad...

'' mmm Toasty ! ''

sj said...

HA! it's not that bad. but then, we spend enough time there now that we're probably used to it. additionally, we keep our house frigid as well (not my choice). i started a fire in the fireplace on Sunday night and huddled next to it in a desperate, must get warm kind of manner.

j, however, came downstairs without a shirt about two minutes later and asked why it was so warm (at a balmy 63).

FunnyGal KAT said...

Andy: Yeah, my dad was like that and I promised I never would be... until I started paying the heating bill and then I was.

L&E: We're just like that! We had to put the thermostat up to 70 when people came over for Christmas and the PH and I were sweating!

Molly: My "sexy nightwear" includes the words "flannel" and "extra thick socks."

B.E.T.: You have the hottest house of anyone I know. I will be wearing a tube top to dinner tonight!

Nancy T: You're the third person to suggest that to me in as many days. I may just have to consider it.

SJ: I don't know what you're talking about-- we try to get invited to your house for the warmth! But what's with the guys? The PH will walk around in a T-shirt while I'm huddled under a turtleneck, a sweatshirt and a blanket on the couch. And even being so warm, he still won't let me warm up my cold feet on him!

jal12771 said...

I can so relate... and My Husband has been home and keeping the house warm.. it actually felt Tropical the other day... I complained and said I would learn to deal.. because that electric bill is coming next week.. and I will have a heartattack if its more then I am guessing.
cold is better anyway-- doesnt it kill germs.. now only if it would kill DUST

dzee said...

we are also in your club of frozen breath...scarves and fingertipless gloves are the norm over here..