Monday, January 04, 2010

In case your resolutions are as trite as mine...

I received the best, best, best piece of cleaning advice ever the other day. Which, normally wouldn't make the blog except for A) One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep the house cleaner and better organized and B) This is the only cleaning tip that has ever changed my life. So, on my scale, it's worth sharing.

The Pretend Husband was in complete charge of choosing our appliances (seriously, the first time I saw them was when they were delivered) not only because he's the cook in the family but because he likes to research the crap out of things and appliances bore me (I bought myself a couple of Saturday afternoons of bliss while he stalked appliance salesmen). Anyway, like everyone else in the world, he bought stainless steel appliances. Which drive me crazy because they never look clean, what with all the streaks, fingerprints, etc.

And here's the advice that is going to change your life too (uh, but only if you actually own stainless steel appliances...) Here's how you clean them. Buy a microfiber cloth. Spray water on the face of the appliance. Wipe with the cloth.

That's it. So not only do you get shiny appliances, but you don't waste your life cleaning. Since I hate to clean, any other amazing tips are welcome.


Stephanie said...

Get a maid? ;)

kk said...

ugh, i hate cleaning too. mr. kk does a lot of it, which i'm thankful for.

we use stainless steel wipes on our appliances, and they work pretty well.

my biggest cleaning tip: tackle one room at a time. it's ridiculous for anyone to think i'm going to clean an ENTIRE house at once. I mean, really. I have a life.

Srg said...

Mircofiber clothes are fantastic! I use them to wash our windows and a whole host of other stuff (even my eyeglasses!) and yeah all you need is water.

M said...

I hate cleaning, especially the kitchen floor and bathrooms. My only tip is that when you clean the windows (if you have to!) the only way to get the streaks out is to go over them with scrunched up newspaper. It really works!

Now, about that maid idea....!