Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Having a five-mile wide neighborhood could get a little tough on the trick-or-treaters

Oh man, did you ever have one of those neighbors who you could spend all sorts of time with and it's just not enough for them? Like, you let them sleep over your house on a Thursday night (and make them waffles in the morning), but THEN they still want you to visit their house on Friday night? And THEN they come over to your house on Sunday for dinner? And THEN they accept an invite to come over for dinner on Wednesday night? And THEN they invite you over for dinner the next Sunday? And THEN they want to establish a weekly dinner with you? It's so hard for the Pretend Husband and I, being just so popular with our neighbors *insert dramatic sigh here*

You may have picked up on the fact that SJ and her husband moved Friday! To our town! And all that complaining I was doing was fake and was in fact, just a way to rub it in about how much time we now get to spend with them and how awesome that is (we have decks of cards scattered all over both houses because you never know when a Setback game will need to be played!)

I would love to tell you about SJ's new house because it's huge and fabulous and, thanks to her family, had a completely organized kitchen by the time they went to bed on their first night in the house. But I don't want to steal her thunder (seriously, though, it's huge... and fabulous.)

But I will say, welcome to the neighborhood, SJ (what? I can't extend my neighborhood five miles to the west to include SJ's house?) We're excited to have you and look forward to those weekly dinners and if a game or two of Setback gets played afterward, who am I to complain?


jal12771 said...

It is HUGE Kat!! I was back there Sat Am! Little E loves Auntie Sj's new house... ALOT!

SJ has to call family members to find things like knives, spatulas, coffee cups.. but hey.. thats what family is for!

Oh and KAT.. thanks for not including any of those zany things my son said...

Srg said...

I can attest to the huge and fabulous-ness myself as SJ gave not only me but also our friend KC a lovely tour when we stopped by on Saturday.

And hey, what is up with the neighborhood get together planning without including your neighbors to the east? Are we too close to the "axe factory" town to be considered? :-( sniff... That's ok - I know you 4 have your setback tourneys and such and J and I are just plain dumb when it comes to cards (but I'll admit, I learn a lot faster than he does!)

It would be nice to see everyone again soon though!

sj said...

hahaha! i'm so excited for the neighborhood revitalization dinner!

it's true that we have the best neighbors ever - even if they are five miles away.

thank you again so much for putting us up at the KAT B&B. and to my entire family for unpacking and unloading... and it's cool that i don't know where things are - it makes every morning like christmas.

and i think it's only the direct comparison to our previous house that makes our new house feel so huge - but regardless, we're very excited to be able to fit so many friends at once!

srg - i'm getting a new stove this weekend, and shopping for furniture. as soon as we get it, we'll have the *entire* neighborhood over! yay for close friends - both emotionally and geographically :)

yay for fabulous new houses and yay for fabulous new neighbors!

Margaret said...


sj said...

thanks, Margaret!

and srg - where's the Axe factory?????

all i know is, i'm really close to cows. but also, hard cider.

sj's mom said...

Ok ax factory is downhill from you sj, Kat's gain is our loss as now you are no longer up the street a couple of houses! But at least your hubbie has stopped by a lot lately. Don't forget that you have another great neighbor DT who can make some great martinis I heard! Can't wait to see some of your personal touches on the house!

Srg said...

sj - you know, the axe factory! used to be owned by a man named collins...and he created a little ville...

sj said...

OOOOH! i don't associate the axe factory with b-town. just collinsville.