Wednesday, July 01, 2009

If you're still sad about any of the celebrities that died last week, you should probably skip this post

I've gone back and forth on whether to write about this topic because of the whole don't-speak-ill-of-the-dead thing and all. But it keeps rewriting itself in my head and I figured the only way to get it to stop is to actually put it down. And I'm curious to hear if people agree, disagree, could care less, think I'm a terrible person, didn't hear this news until just this second, etc.

So, a bunch of celebrities passed away in the past week. It's too bad and it's always sad when someone loses their life. But, honestly? I don't really care. They weren't my friends, I'm in no way related to them and I'm about as far from the person who gives up their day to stand outside Michael Jackson's house and cry while laying flowers at the gate as you can get.

I'm absolutely fascinated by the MJ story in terms of how the media has covered it. I couldn't believe how many people said, "We will all always remember where we were when we heard Michael Jackson died." Really?!? That's how much he means to you? His death is a life-changing event for you? Because it's not for me. I will remember where I was on September 11, I still have a clear memory of watching the Challenger explode and I can recall even the most minute detail from my mom's last day alive. But a washed-up pop icon with a questionable criminal history? Eh.

One article I read last week was titled, "For Generation X, A Really Bad Day." And it quoted a 38-year-old man talking about how MJ's death is a defining moment for Generation X and the moment that finally turned that generation into adults. Really?!? He's 38 years old and just getting around to becoming an adult? His wife must be so proud.

Was Michael Jackson a star? Yup. He did a lot for the music industry in his day and he was a heck of an entertainer. Was he also just a person with a whole lot of issues? Yes he was, and that's the part that seems to be getting lost in the shuffle. His death is sad, yes, and particularly terrible for its effect on his children (although I also question the effect his apparently daily drug use had on them...) but it's not the end of the world, the worst thing that's ever happened to me or a reason for the media to hype it into more than what it is. Let's all keep it in perspective, shall we?


BeckEye said...

People are actually committing suicide over MJ's death. Crazy. People are weird.

That said, whenever it's John Travolta's turn, I will be a complete basket case.

Momma Bear said...

I agree 100%! It's so outta control. I don't understand the people who are crying outside of his house. WTH! And I've already forgotten where I was when I heard he died...

Srg said...

Yup - I totally agree with you. All this media coverage on him and how he's being deemed a legend of his time is nauseating. Let's move on already.

Soda and Candy said...

Well said.

I do kinda wish they'd stop dying though, it's getting a little crazy.

jenX said...

Ted Anthony cranked out a brilliant post very fast. I read at 10 p.m. CDT the day Jackson died. I think the greater context of what he was saying is that BOOMERS can now consider us grown up. They've never wanted to. As long as we were still immature kids, they were middle aged. But, that's not true. Gen X is middled age. In 2011, the first among us will turn 50.