Monday, June 15, 2009

Stupidest argument ever...

So, I don't normally talk about my dreams-- vivid as they all are-- because I usually consider posts about dreams to be boring. You ran from a murderer?!? Then you had a shoot-out with the police?!? Oh my gosh! Oh, it was just a dream? Yeah, not half as interesting as it would be if it were true.

But I'm breaking my own rule because of how this dream turned into a serious discussion for the Pretend Husband and I. Last night, I dreamt the Pretend Sister-in-Law set me up on a blind date. I was at a restaurant, talking to my date, getting to know him, when he asked if I was going on the [My Last Name] Family Vacation. I said, of course and somehow the PH's name came up.

"I live with him," I said (just realizing it myself).

"I bet someday you're going to marry him!" said my blind date.

"Oh, I'm already married to him!" I said (again, not realizing it until that moment). Then I tried to come up with reasons why I was on a blind date while already married, but they all sounded lame even to me ("I was looking to make a new friend.")

The date got mad and left, calling me names under his breath.

So I told the PH about my dream after I woke up this morning and still tried to come out of it looking good.

"I can't believe your sister would set me up on a blind date when I'm already married to you!" I said indignantly.

The PH replied, "Uh, how about the fact that you're married and you went?"

"But I didn't know I was married until I said it," I replied, sounding lame even to my own ears.

And that, my friends, is how the PH and FunnyGal KAT came to agree that neither one of us is allowed to go on blind dates while we are married. The end.


Marla said...

yep... thinkin that is a pretty stupid argument :)_

edder said...

Jewbacca occasionally dreams that I've cheated on him and wakes up sad. Then he calls me "Dream Cheater" and we have a wee giggle before heading out for the day.

Yeah, I know. It's messed up.

Soda and Candy said...

A very sensible agreement.

Husband once said that he needed to clone me so that when he gets to midlife crisis there's Younger Me waiting for him.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Marla: Yes, I know. But the stupid ones are much more fun than the ones when we're really mad at one another!

edder: I think the term "Dream Cheater" is awesome and I was all set to use it... until I realized that would refer to me! I still pledge to try to work into conversation this week.

S&C: Oooh, I like Husband's idea. I'd like PH 2.0 to be a bit taller, if possible.

Sam_I_am said...

haha, don't ya hate dreams like that?