Tuesday, May 05, 2009

We have to do something about this naked blog

Blogs that have a lot of photos are cool. There, I said it. And you agree, right? And this lil ol' blog of ours isn't so cool because we rarely have photos. It's something that's been eating at me to the point where I am ready to do something about it.

On Saturday, the Pretend Husband and I slept late and then decided to make a big breakfast for ourselves. It started as waffles, which evolved to Belgian waffles when I realized we had strawberries in the fridge. But it did not stop there... in fact, it kept going until we had to call SJ and J to come over for Mimosas (when I realized we had champagne in the fridge and SJ was willing to pick up the OJ on her way) and waffles with... wait for it... brownies, mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate sauce. Cereal and eggs don't even compare to that kind of breakfast.

And, in light of my intention to post more photos on this blog, I took multiple shots of our creations. Because it's not enough to talk about ice cream for breakfast, you have to draw your readers in with photos of your delectable meal, right? And the photos turned out pretty good. You're going to love seeing them.... just as soon as I find the freakin' cord for my camera to move the photos over to my computer. The cord that was misplaced in the move. The cord that I haven't quite had the time to search for. Yeah, that cord.

I am going to dress up this blog and add photos of my day and the stupid outfits SJ and I are known to wear and the crazy things we do... just as soon as I find that stupid cord.


Anonymous said...

Pictues are hot. Videos are hotter! Holding pictures IN a video is just too much hottness for any one person to handle!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea and can you make me some chocolate covered waffles.

Vic said...

I am so hungry for ice cream now. And waffles. And mimosas.

Phat Mama said...

Hurry! Find the cord!! I need to see ice cream for breakfast! Yummmy.

Nanc Twop said...

-## ## ##
## ## ##

and mimosas?
`U `U `U


KAT's little sis said...

tease....where are the photos?!?