Monday, February 16, 2009

We turn the thermostat all the way up to 64 for guests!

If I had to sum up the FunnyGal KAT family in two words, they would be frugal (or "cheap") and disorganized. Some of it can be blamed on a very expensive house renovation that has us still living out of boxes, but we're going to have to take responsibility for the rest.

On Friday, the Pretend Husband noticed that our oil tank was almost empty. When I called the oil company, I was told they couldn't come out to fill it until Monday. So we spent the weekend keeping our fingers crossed we wouldn't run out of oil. Oh, and trying to conserve oil... by keeping the thermostat at 58 degrees (it's usually not above 62 so it wasn't a huge sacrifice).

I just called the PH, who had the day off from work today, to make sure the oil was delivered.

PH: Yes, the guy came a little while ago.
Me: OK, what I want you to do is... jack the heat up to 75 about an hour before I get home. We're living it up tonight!


SouthernBelle said...

Haha, wow, you're more hardcore than us, we keep it on auto to 65.

Dr Zibbs said...

I like to keep my home nice and cold.

Funny in my mind said...

If it weren't for the fireplace that keeps us at 78, we'd be dead. Our electric bill at 69 without the fireplace blower on was $400, my husband is cheap too but he will pay for firewood. My dad always said, put on a damn sweater and run around!

Sam_I_am said...

We contantly run out of oil, because Fiance buys 5 gallons at a time, because he doesn't want to pay the delivery costs. So, when we run out, I gather up the pets (including the hermit crab) and head to the bedroom with the electric space heater.