Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please assure me bad things only come in twos and not threes...

This morning, on my way to work, about 13 seconds after I thought, “Man, what a great day I’m having. I’m so lucky to have such a good life,” a rock was kicked up by the van in front of me and hit my windshield, causing a pretty big ding in the glass. (Yes, I’m a dork for having my own little hallelujah sessions and I can’t even get too mad about the van because it was a Red Cross van delivering blood so how evil would I be for being angry at it, right?)

Then, I got to my office, went to turn on my light… and not only blew out the light bulb and kicked off the battery backup on my computer, but I blew a fuse.

I should not be allowed anywhere near small children today.

(Dudes, just to be clear, this doesn’t even come close to qualifying as a bad day. I just thought it was funny that the two events happened within 30 minutes of each other. And it’s made me be a little more cautious today. But I forgot to mention that when I went to find a replacement light bulb in the office storage closet, I instead found a box of chocolates that looked as thought it had been there since Valentine’s Day… 2005. But it still had a few pieces left, so score!)


SouthernBelle said...

Windscreen cracks are frightening!

Also, were you wearing rubber soled shoes and/or synthetic clothing when you blew the electrics?

I become a human lightning rod when I wear my polar fleece top and rubber-soled ugg boots.

M said...

I went through a time when every car of my ex bosses that I drove got a chip or crack from a stone on the windshield. He was none too happy with me.

At least you didn't eletricute yourself. That would have been horrid. Talk about a bad hair day!