Thursday, February 26, 2009

It turns out I married a 10-year-old (but, apparently, so did my sister)

Ever since the Pretend Husband and I got a Wii, we've used it in moderation. Sometimes we'd play a couple of nights in a row, then it would sit for a few nights. That is, until Kat's lil sis and her husband got one and kat's lil bro-in-law figured out how to go online and play against the PH.

And they haven't stopped playing since. Last weekend, they played for at least four hours straight (I lost track because I finally went to bed), taking a break only when Peyton needed a diaper change while lil bil was on baby duty.

And lil sis and I agree that it's getting a little out of hand... especially the trash talking (or actually, "trash texting.") There are a lot of "F" you's that go back and forth and the latest is that one of them texts or calls the other to tell them to "suck it." (When did I become my husband's mother because I find myself having to tell him to watch his language!)

But the best was lil bil's text message the other night after he got beat by the PH. The text talked about what he did wrong and how he'll win next time and ended with, "i'm so mad i can't sleep. i hope you fall out of the bed tonight."

Well, at least he kept it clean.


SouthernBelle said...

Hilarious! Boys are so funny.

Srg said...

That that line is histerical! I guess boys will be boys. I have one here that's addicted to his nintendo DS. Thank goodness he hasn't realized how to play anything on the PC yet or I'd be in real trouble.

Nikki said...

My fiance is beyond bad about gaming. I got him a PS3 for Christmas and at first he never played it. And then his friend taught him how to go online with it and now thats all he does. He'll call up Kevin and they will beat each other up on Mortal Combat for hours.

LoL. Very funny post.

Funny in my mind said...

Vicious, hateful man!!
I never have gotten the bug but my Wii Fit is still in the box unused so maybe I am lazy.
Yes, I am pretty sure I am. I do like me some tennis and bowling. Beyond that it is in the basement and the kids play who knows what. I don't even know what games we do have. A little healthy competition is good for you guys.

Funny in my mind said...

I think the very first seasons are mostly real and then they just become good watching. It is always at somebody's expense and that is sad.

Sam_I_am said...

haha, don't tell them about Wii Speak. They won't have to text then.