Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remember when... a look back at 2008

You know those end of the year wrap-ups that look back on the best of the year or the worst of the year or who died this year or the biggest news stories of the year? It’s cheesy, right? Actually, I’m totally addicted to them, dudes. I looooove those things. Even the obituary listings of those who died in the past year. There’s just something about having everything neatly organized and the chance to look back on an entire year all at once.

So, here’s [drum roll, please] FunnyGals Look Back at The Year That Was 2008. [trumpets sound here, please] I mean, you could just read back through our archives and see what happened to us. Or you could let me do it for you (dudes, I even took notes while doing it!)

2008 saw a bajillion new babies in our group of friends and family. SJ and I each got shiny, new nephews this year (SJ added to her set while mine is a stand-alone for now). And every single one of our friends gave birth (OK, perhaps not every single one, but sometimes it feels like it!)

12 new hairstyles for SJ and at least three different colors for her luxurious locks. Thank goodness she keeps her stylish glasses the same type or I would be in danger of not recognizing her.

One… that’s the number of times I convinced SJ to hug me this year. She has this weird thing where she hugs all the rest of her friends, her family members, the mailman, most of her coworkers and the first person who walks into the room after a Hallmark commercial is on TV… and she still gets weird about hugging me. We’re going to work on that in 2009.

SJ joined Facebook, MySpace, eHarmony, Linkedin, Wikipedia and any other networking site that would have her. Everyone in the world is her friend on one site or another. Oh, except me. Because I belong to exactly zero of those sites. I leave the technical stuff to her.

While SJ’s collections were limited to hairstyles and shoes, KAT collected jobs and houses in 2008. Right now, the collections stand at two houses and five jobs for 2008, but there are still a couple hours left in the year so that could change at any minute.

Injuries were at a minimum this year and it’s possible SJ had the least number of trips to the emergency room since she was 3 (although I suspect she may be keeping ER trip stories from me for fear I will wrap her in bubble wrap and never let her out of my sight). But 2008 kept its hands to itself for the most part with some soccer bruises for KAT, a twisted ankle for SJ and an attack from an angry underwire in SJ’s bra. But, still, a pretty good year.

And we should remember 2008 as the year SJ rocked the Pilates while KAT rocked the… uh… Casbah.

This number isn’t exact, but it is suspected SJ baked 92 dozen cupcakes this year. That is A LOT of cupcakes—no surprise my favorites were the ice cream cone cupcakes for my birthday (although the amount of icing on those Christmas tree ones may have edged out the ice cream cones if I had the chance to try one—my thighs are glad I didn’t)

I won't try to put a number on it, but we made a lot of new blog friends this year and-- even more importantly-- racked up the numbers on our site counter (just kidding). My bookmarks no longer fit on one page and I have stopped doing any work in an effort to keep up with everyone's blogs.

And the last part of our countdown has to be the martinis consumed (although I’m still unsure whether I should count the ones from the night before Thanksgiving that got, uh, “sent back”?) Among the highlights are the Snickers, the Chocolate Mint, the White Chocolate, that purple one, that fruity blue one SJ got, the Little Red Corvette, that other chocolate one and finally, those chocolate ones I made for the PH.

It was good, it was bad, it was sometimes ugly, but I think it’s safe to say SJ and I lived the crap out of 2008. Here’s hoping you can say the same. Happy New Year, everyone!


SouthernBelle said...

Awww, happy new year Gals!

2008 will always be special to me as the year I made friends with you (and discovered my twin SJ!)

: )

Andy said...

I'm glad we became blog friends in 2008. Here's hoping 2009 is full of hugs and nephews for both of you.

Sam_I_am said...

Happy New Year!

sj said...

i may have peed a little from laughing so hard.

it's funny because it's true. i find it odd to hug you. although, honestly, i'm not a hugger. i rarely hug anyone. i'm very anti-physical contact, but i feel badly for most people who don't realize this about me, so therefore, feel like i need to hug people when they come at me with their arms all flailing about.

and for the record, i only joined FB and linkedin. although if there was a wikipedia network, i'd totally be all over that shiznit.

i too am grateful for my bloggy buddies this year - the belle, andy, sam - and our newest blogs too that we've just started to find. all awesome! yay for that! and yay for KAT for reminding me about the funny and not the bad stuff.

here's 2009, while i suckerpunch 2008!

SouthernBelle said...

Hmm, so there IS another way we are different. I am all about the hug. Husband was not a big hugger until I came along but I think I have turned him a little. He still doesn't really hug other people except his nieces but I definitely get all the hugs I need!

TishTash said...

Thanks for the rockin the Casbah reference.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you both.... Thank you for all the laughs in 2008... I cant wait to laugh more in 2009!!

Srg said...

Happy New Year to both of you!! Here's hoping you guys live the crap out of 2009 too! Something tells me that won't be difficult for you guys to do. LOL