Monday, November 10, 2008

things that totally made my day today

it's a monday, and mondays are usually icky and horrible, but today, my day has been superb (which is much-needed because yesterday was kind of crap).

so here's my short list of things that made today great:

1) an awesome email from a good friend of mine whom i hadn't heard from all week (and i miss him a lot).
2) a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to me at work from j. *sigh.
3) a peanut butter pie made by a co-worker that will require me to do an hour and a half of pilates but whatevs.
4) an old flame telling me how hot i looked in a pic i posted on FB (thank you, and i know - and double parenthetical note: FB is still my dirty little mistress to blogger. but she knows it's not serious.)
5) nothing blowing up yet.
6) the knowledge that i only have to get through this week before i'm on vacation next week with Jal and little E and I can't WAIT. i'll bring my laptop to blog from the Happiest Place on Earth.

i know we have to follow our recend award rules and post our pics, and we will this week. scout's honor. although i was never in these "scouts" - so. that doesn't sound promising, does it?


Dr Zibbs said...

Where's the happiest place on Earth?

SouthernBelle said...

aww, flowers! what a good husband.

Also, yay Disneyland! Or is it Disney World?

sj said...

disney world - i'm florida bound on Saturday. and if it seems like i go there a lot -- i DO.

Andy said...

I ate scores of no-bake cookies, chocolate candy, apple pie and other delicious delectables this weekend, so I owe myself 400 hours of pilates.

sj's mom said...

Hope you all have a great time sj and family! E will keep you all on your toes for sure. I know we could have gone with you to that happy place! Safe trip to you all!

- C - said...

Hope your tuesday is twice as nice! :)

Bryan said...

my email e mail was good ... not awesome. you're very welcome though