Monday, November 03, 2008

The company Christmas party is going to be pretty awkward if it turns out I don't actually work there...

Last month, I didn't have any jobs. Now, I have two... I think. In addition to the full-time gig at the newspaper I used to run and am now running again, I applied for a part-time position as a news anchor for a radio station. The application process has been one of the strangest I've experienced, but I'm pretty sure I was hired.

When I first applied for the job, I got a pretty positive response. We set up a time for an interview, I went in and was asked some questions and given a tour of the building. But in between comments like, "Oh, it would be so great to have another female here" were ones like, "I wish you the best of luck in your job search."

So I left there, sent the obligatory thank you... and never heard from them again. Oh, actually, I did hear from them again, but not for about two weeks. That's when I received an email asking if I was still looking for part-time work and what my availability was. Suspecting I was being hired, I emailed right back, expressing enthusiasm for the position and giving the request information... and didn't hear from them for another week or two.

The next email said my paperwork was winding its way through the company's hierarchy and asked if I could come in for training sometime in the next week. So, I showed up there this weekend, filled out tons of paperwork, learned how not to sexually harass my coworkers and was assigned a passcard for the door. But, here's the thing-- nowhere along the way have I been asked to work for the company, nor have I really discussed what shift I'll be assigned, nor has my pay ever been mentioned (although I remember filling out some tax forms so I suspect I'll be getting paid something...)

I'm going back next weekend for more training and was told I might even be on the air that night. So, what do you think? Am I hired?


trashalou said...

If you are lucky you might get the pay without having to do the work!

Anonymous said...

But it would be awful if you did the work and got no pay!

I am as confused as you and I hope you have the job!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Nice to Meet you! Even if Deb and Jay forced you! Ha!

Good luck with the contest!

YOu already know the answer to your below post question!

I'm all excited for your new job, real or not!

Srg said...

Wow - I'd be just as confused as you! Have offer letters somehow become passé? Ok - now you have to send me an email and let me know which radio station this is so I can listen in!

And to answer your question regarding whether or not you're hired, I'll leave you with the wonderful insights of my word verification...surerif


Andy said...

The tables have turned. After you said I had the best lead sentence ever, I now say you have the best post title ever. Consider yourself award-ed.