Monday, September 22, 2008

better use for Zicam: shove it up your nose

my cold has blossomed into a full-bloom sinus infection, but i just discovered zicam's intense sinus relief spray - menthol scent.

i may have accidentally shot it onto my cerebellum, but really, this stuff seems to be a godsend.

i felt instant relief. but you can only use it once every 12 hours, so i'll let you know if it gets me through the night.

current itunes song: "tear in your hand" by tori amos


SouthernBelle said...

Here's hoping it works, you poor thing. Sinuses are horrible.

Your man needs to buy you some chicken noodle soup. I love eating soup when I feel sick.

Bryan said...

once every 12 hours actually means once every 4 hours plus a zyrtec and 2 tylenol pm's.

- C - said...

...don't listen to Bryan

Molly said...

I have seen SJ's medicine cabinet and I am slightly concerned she is adding to it and PLEASE do not listen to Bryan!

Feel better soon.

SouthernBelle said...

Shush Bryan, you are as bad as Husband. Not paying attention to the recommended dosage is just another form of men's strange aversion to reading the directions.

Chicken soup, however, has no recommended dosage limitation.

Bryan said...

WTF??? I am very qualified to provide advice on OTC (that's over the counter for all you non medical people) medicines from my extensive watching of House.

I hope the chicken soup gives you the runs!!!

Srg said...

Hope your feeling better my dear!

sj said...

bryan, that's just wrong.

fyi - i'm on a terrific cocktail of antibiotics (augmentin), nasacor, allegra and motrin.