Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i'm obsessed with our new blog.

it's true. i fully admit it.

mostly, that map. that map is fascinating to me.

in fact, i'd like to extend a warm welcome to our visitor from Islamabad who came to us courtesy of the entry entitled: "No, I don't have the clap."

that *must* have been KAT's entry. i really think i would have remembered writing something so... well. so like so many of our entries. who am i kidding.

also, a shout out to our visitor from austria (i love schnitzel. just sayin') and the UK and all *over* the us. all the way up in seattle and all the way down in miami.

hi! thank you for stopping! we hope our odd little lives entertain you!

in an effort to appeal to our outside of connecticut audience, i'm going to try and learn little facts about each of your locations and share my new knowledge. today, it's going to be a little fact about:

red deer, alberta in canada.
the good folks in red deer are sponsoring a rain barrel decorating contest. i find this fascinating, really. because our rain barrels were giant blue plastic tubs that my grandmother used for years to water her garden with, and we kept those ugly things hidden behind the barn. it's nice to know that the folks of red deer have a nice little rain barrel tradition going on.

and yes, i have managed to figure out how the blogroll works, and as we continue to visit you out there, we'll continue to add to it. stay tuned! we love meeting new people... and we love that our "regulars"... like those from say, large insurance companies in hartford that lurk out there (see - i can *see* you now) and don't leave us comments... love our new look.

we hope that you visit our friends out there in outer blogospace and show them some linky love.

peace out, girl scout.

current itunes song: "kind and generous" by natalie merchant


FunnyGal KAT said...

For the record, YOU wrote the "No, I didn't catch the clap" post, my friend. I just searched for it and it's about how you caught trout and sunfish, but not the clap (yeah, I'm not sure how you made that leap either...)

I join you in welcoming our international visitors and I join our visitors in saying, "Really?!? You looked up a rain barrel decorating contest in Canada? How much free time *do* you have these days?!?

sj said...

i actually have a huge meeting in 13 minutes with the ceo, but since i work so well under pressure, i decided that i'd improve my productivity by blogging a bit first.

Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously? I'm jealous of your Islamabad reader. I don't have the clap either...why doesn't Mr. or Mrs. Islamabad love ME?!

P.S. Still love the new blog. Yup yup.

Anonymous said...

As one half of your interior decorating team, I think your blog looks bloody gorgeous! I think everyone out there who visits your blog should hire me and Burg, but especially Burg because all I do is the artwork, she does all the really hard stuff!

Anyhoo, I have no interest in rain barrels in Canada so please post something more interesting next time!

Burg said...

Hmmm.. I wonder if they really did have the clap and just didn't want anybody to know...

Dawn said...

That is really funny about the "I don't have the clap" link! You gotta wonder why that entry interested someone lol.

Scott said...

The clap thing is hilarious! This map sounds like a neat little deal!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Molly- I LOVE the new look to Funny Gals!!
Very nice

SJ- rain barrels.funny..those blue things.. i hope those in Red Deer have a netting of some form over them...to prevent drownings.. because *that* is what I remember most about our rain barrels.

Anonymous said...

for more rain barrel products, ideas and other rain barrel stuff - check out http://www.aquabarrel.com

Mama's Losin' It said...

Ooh those maps ARE fun, aren't they. And I know what you mean, when I got MY blog makeover I would log on just to view it throughout the day...shoot, I still do.

Stephanie said...

I am totally obsessed with my little map thingy as well. It's probably a little unhealthy.

Srg said...

I have to admit - I'm a bit obsessed with your little mappy thing too. And this isn't even my blog!

Ok, just wanted to leave a quick comment for fear that i end up as one of the regulars who work at large insurance companies but don't leave a comment. So if i lurk - I'll be sure to leave something!

And just for the record - my word verification this time is "imqerky". LOL