Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'd rather be laid on (or even laid up) than laid off

Life... sometimes it brings you good news, sometimes it brings you bad news and sometimes it likes to have a little fun by rolling all sorts of good and bad news into just one week. Which is what happened last week because, after we FINALLY reached an agreement to sell our house and move into the house I grew up in, I got the bad news. I got laid off.

Yeah, you know my wonderful, awesome, can't-beat-it job I started just four months ago? It would still be wonderful... if it was still mine. My company (the one that extracted a promise from me to stay at least a year!) is trying to save some money and is laying off some reporters in the process.

Actually, not just laying them off. Moving their jobs across the country and giving them the option to go with them. Which (see: aforementioned house purchase), I cannot do. This sucks, of course, and I will probably end up doing something I don't love as much, but that's OK. And, like a true Funny Gal, I managed to get a good story out of the experience.

My boss works on the other side of the country and we have never met in person. I haven't spoken to him too much since I went through a series of phone interviews to get hired. Anyway, he called one night last week to break the news (I already knew there was a possibility because of a conference call earlier that week-- oh yeah, those were some fun days in between the calls!) So he gives me the news and I say I can't move, giving a few reasons why, including the fact that the Pretend Husband is a member of the bar in this state and can't just transfer that to another state.

Boss: "Oh, so your husband has a good job?"
Me: "Um..."
Boss: "Well, your husband's a lawyer, so he must have a good job, right?"
Me: "Uh, well, he doesn't make as much money as all those lawyer jokes assume..."
Boss: "But he has a good job? Can you just tell me he has a good job so I can feel better about this?"

Wait a freakin' minute! You're calling me to tell me that I won't have a job with your company after next month and while I seem to be taking it OK, I'm actually holding back tears... and you want me to help you feel better?!? Dude, I'm getting canned. I could care less about making sure you leave the office tonight with a spring in your step!

So, yeah, I didn't tell him the PH has a good job. Because if there's one time it should be all about you and your feelings, it's when you're getting laid off (and NOT when you're the one doing the firing!)

Oh, and if anyone needs someone with experience in writing, graphic design, radio, homemade wedding invitations, journalism, dog grooming, baking, soccer refereeing and just being a funny gal-- call me!


Molly said...

I am so sorry, that is dreadful news. When I read the title I was going to suggest that even getting laid was better, but now it doesn't sound so funny!

I hope that you get snapped up immediately and can stick your tongue out at your suck ass company that laid you off. Bastards! Do you need me to go see your boss with my Doc Martens on as I seem to live a bit closer to him than you?

Srg said...

Well that just freakin' sucks!! And yeah forget how he's feeling! It's YOU who's losing a job in all of this! Call me mean, but I would have told him that the PH's job was unstable and now you're most likely going to have to foreclose on your house, and go on welfare, etc...

Meg said...

I'm so sorry!

sj said...

it does suck. seriously. BUT (and i know i told you all this before):

a) you'll have no problem finding anything else because you are so good at all of those things that you do.
b) you will have more time to pack.
c) you can use this time to work on your novel and then become a rich and famous author.
d) you should scrapbook the transformation of your new house.

hautepocket said...

Ahhhh! I am so sorry! That is terrible news. I really enjoyed your listing of talents at the end of your post though. Very cute. Good luck in finding something soon: You will, you’re talented. Congratulations on the house! That’s very exciting, although right now I’m sorry you’re not getting to enjoy it as much as you should be. Hang in there.

Momma Bear said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. The hubby was laid off about four years ago and it turned out to be good for us. He would not have left that job on his own. But now he has a better job! Hopefully it will work out the same for you.

Molly said...

I just want you to know that you have ruined my day. I thought about you all day and how you were out of a job. And worried. Worried about you and your new house. Worried about whether I will ever drink martinis with you because really, I cannot drink with an out of work person who used to be a journalist. It doesn't sound as cool.

Still, I worried about you all day.

jal12771 said...

KAT, so sorry. If I hear of anything... anything at all that hits that list I will let you know!

As SJ said, you will find something, you are good at all you do..

Keep your chin up!

Mama's Losin' It said...

I'm actually looking for an assistant...I realize we live in different states...how well can you scream at children over the phone??

...I'm thinking we can make this work...