Thursday, August 21, 2008

i hate hiring.

i really hate the interview process, as i've mentioned, but i have to say that during this time, i've gotten some doozies.

me interviewing very intense young man:
me: "well, we do have a fairly young company."
him: "like young how? like. you're all... under 30 young?"
me: "no, i mean, our company was founded in 1998."
him: "oh. because you're pretty young. i mean. you seem young. well. i mean. pretty and young."
me: "uh...." "must be all of those anti-aging cosmetics.... ha ha ha.... so tell me about your job at ..."

this guy has also called me about five times and left no message. which is scary, because i think he really wanted to talk to me personally. and not my voicemail. which. is. creepy.

i also spent some time interviewing a candidate who *would not* look me in the eye. He was staring about 4 inches to the right of my head. Which was so disturbing. I mean really. How would you like it?

current itunes song: "circles" by natalie walker


Zam said...

Apart from the funny post and that most excellent picture of you, I think it's noteworthy that YOU also seem to be staring about 4 inches to the right of your own head. Perhaps the candidate sees dead people. Don't go up the stairs!

Natasha Becoming Something said...

You? Cute!

He definitely wants to talk to you directly and doesn't think that you have call display, which is short-sighted, old-fashioned and unimaginative: DON'T HIRE HIM, Young Company, circa 1998.

Meg said...

You look cute in that picture!

Hey, hire me.

Srg said...

Eww - you're being stalked by an interview candidate?! Creepy McCreepyPants!

Ok - what are you and KAT doing tomorrow night? We're free if you want to head up for some pizza.

Anonymous said...

SRG, stop inviting Kat and SJ out when I cannot join you all!!! Damn you all for living so far away. How about you move here instead of me moving to Boston? No, wait, I want to move to Boston so I will be closer to "home". Damn!

SJ, you are such a pretty young thing, is it any wonder you are captivating the teenage boys that stroll through your door?

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you have pretty hair. ;)

sj said...

Zam - you flatter me. which i greatly appreciate. and i'll remind you that my house is actually haunted by the porn stars of the 70s.

natasha: you're so right. he was super sketchy. he'll be getting a form letter shortly.

meg: i would just so that you could compliment me all day. and we could have martinis at lunch. but i think the commute may be a little tough for you.

srg: um. i don't think we have plans!!! we *can* meet you for pizza. let me check with j and i'll call you.

molly: actually, i won't call you, srg. at least i won't admit it in front of molly because i don't want to hurt her feelings. and i love you ;) but this dude wasn't *that* young.

hp: i owe it all to srg's stylist, whom i now call my own.

Srg said...

Yay!! Uh...i mean...yeah...ok..I'll be sitting here not waiting for your call...yeah that's it!

And sorry molly, but since there's 3 of us over here on the east coast, I think majority rules - you'll just have to move out east. Cause then you'll be closer to us for martinis and Brendan and Ned can play together!

Anonymous said...

I so want to be there! What if I move and then you all ignore me, like SJ did in my dream the other night? Although she did let my mother stay with her, which I found slightly odd. However, this was just my mom imposing herself on everyone and it materialized in my dream. Still, SJ was very quiet when I moved to Boston and that is NOT how I anticipate it should be. There should be wild celebrations that last all year!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Believe me, SJ is never quiet! So your dream must have just been a fluke. If you live in Boston, you will be seeing way too much of us instead of not enough. Especially since I'm going to be house poor and trips to Boston will be my only forms of vacation/entertainment. So expect to wake up on Saturday mornings and find me on your couch watching cartoons with Ned.

Dawn said...

Eye contact is a creepy!

Burg said...

I interviewed a guy once who kept calling me and asking me out.. He was icky. Then there was a real crazy guy who kept leering at me during the interview with a smirk on his face and gave me all false references- all public schools.. I was so happy to quit that job!