Monday, August 11, 2008

ah, young love. and olympic swimmers.

i am in love
... with the Men's US Olympic swim team.

it brings me back to my first *real* kiss (i was 16 and a camp counselor). his name was jordan, and he was my fellow counselor for my tribe (okay, the tribe thing is hard to describe, but essentially, this was 4H camp and they split the entire camp - ages 8 to 15 - into co-ed tribes of around 30 or so campers).

we had our first kiss at the friday night dance. on the dance floor. afterwards, i escaped with my friend Lena to discuss the details. the song "one" by U2 was playing and we were dancing off in a corner somewhere.

he was super cute, and also, a fantastic swimmer. he went to like the junior olympic trials or some such.

excuse me for a minute while i reminisce....

(epilogue: he went on to attend Princeton - early decision - and then became a fulbright scholar studying the environment or something equally noble and fantastic.)


FunnyGal KAT said...

Ha! I loved this post. Tomorrow, I will post about my first kiss. Just like yours, except your guy sounds way cooler than mine. WAY cooler.

Mama's Losin' It said...

And I am in love with the Chinese men's gymnastics team.

Ok not really.

I love the girls' gymnastics. My fave.

Srg said...

Awww...that post brought back some of my own first kiss memories!