Monday, July 28, 2008

i'm back! did you miss me?

hi bloggers!

i'm back from my two.. um.. three... um... several weeks hiatus.

a) thank you all for the warm birthday wishes
b) thank you and welcome, meg. we do love our martinis, and we love molly - and anyone who's a friend of molly is a friend of ours.
c) i hate everyone else. except you, you reading this - you're cool. everyone else is on my last nerve.

first off. let me start by recapping what i haven't discussed:
1) i went to nyc last weekend with my friend the buttercup and met up with my friend FP. FP is a fantastic dude whom i love dearly but he is not actually my lover. i bring that up because someone who saw him on my facebook pages got the wrong idea. and i tried to explain to a few people that he wasn't, in fact, my boyfriend, but that just confused things even more. so.

long story short: i am an idiot. who shouldn't be allowed to email people. and one person in particular, whom i dearly wish didn't think i was an idiot. (i'm kind of hoping that person reads this and laughs at me and says "hey - we're cool. you're an idiot, but we're still friends.")

i really need to learn how to not put all of my thoughts out there at one time. i learned a valuable lesson last: you should only record your thoughts to someone once a week. i'm not following this rule at all, but you know. do as i say, not as i do and all.

2) i turned 31. which is cool. i mean. whatever. i'm in my 30s now. not just lingering on the border. i had a little bit of a mental lapse for a couple of weeks there as work and other things came baring down on me with too much everything. and i kind of slipped. mentally. but i'm cool now. nothing like a weekend with friends to recuperate. a weekend with friends and a brief but impactful shopping spree in the city.

3) i have still got it.

i was starting to doubt it, but i went out on saturday night with my friend KC. we went to see Mamma Mia! which - i'm going to be honest and put myself out there -- i freakin' loved that movie. seriously. all the abba and the dancing and the lovely men (James Bond and Mr. Darcy in one movie? seriously? just add kevin smith and it's my ideal man.) and all the meryl streepness of it all. sigh.

then we went out. to a bar. where i had drinks offered to me and overly friendly smiles by very attractive men. generally, i feel skeeved out when i get hit on in bars. i don't like the lines, i don't like the pick-up feel and it's not what i'm there for, so i'm just not into it. however. there's something to be said when it's a nice-looking guy who approaches you all shyly and offers to buy you a drink.

it's then when you think - "screw you, 31. i am a cougar."


Anonymous said...

I so want to see Mama Mia because Abba are fab!

And at 31 if you are getting cougarific, what does that make me???

Oh, and please take Meg's martini virginity away, for the love of God, the woman has never had one!!

And enter my martini competition now, or else!

Srg said...

sj - i think your chocolate martinis would be great for molly's competition! Glad you had fun in the city. And I so want to see mamma mia too! Just haven't had a chance to break away from the house craziness, but i do hope to see it soon - i just love abba!!

Anonymous said...

Could you blog maybe more than once a century? You girls used to blog all the time, now hardly ever. Don't give me any crap about busy lives either, I am busier than both of you put together and I am blogging (although I must admit, I think I am neglecting my child in the process)!

sj said...


i'm sorry molly.


wow. she totally called us out.

so. i'm going to go fall down in the hallway so i have something to blog about.