Thursday, May 22, 2008

things to do before i leave for vacation.

hope you don't mind, but i thought a public reminder of all of the things i must do before we leave on saturday would encourage me to .. um.. do them.

1) go grocery shopping in order to keep up the myth that j and i do and can actually cook when we're on vacation. (we don't usually, but we're about to leave for a week to vermont with my parents, anonymous and her husband and child.)

2) call the sofitel in montreal and confirm my one night reservation when i no doubt will need to get the heck away for a day.

3) put fishing line on my new reels. i think it's hard to fish without line. i mean, i've never tried it, and i guess if push comes to shove, i could try clubbing them over the head with a paddle.

4) pack the paddles for the canoe.

5) get an additional strap to help affix the canoe to the roof of our jetta. (there's a statement you won't read often.)

6) pack the groceries.

7) pack the dog toys for bailey's week-long stay at the boarding place that costs more than our week long lake house rental and one night at luxe sofitel.

8) find a cooler. and things that keep the cooler cold. like ice. and ice-like goo in packs.

9) clean out my car of the 4 bags of clothes to go to the goodwill (thank you, winsor pilates for making me ditch half of my wardrobe) and the bags in my trunk of random holiday decorations from the office.

10) find some clothes and stuff them into a suitcase. i figure i really only need one nice outfit, for our brief stay in Montreal (you thought I was kidding, no?)

11) drop off dog. pack car. load canoe. drive 5.5 hours.

12) learn more french in order to listen to the radio traffic reports.


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forgot about those. i have completed 1 and 2 off of my list.