Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I did not disappoint! (tales from a klutz)

So, remember how I sort of promised you an embarrassing story from my first day at my new job? Oh yeah, I've got one.

First, let me say that I love the job, I had a very productive day and I even interviewed the state's attorney general without (too much) stuttering. So it's not like this story is going to keep me from going back for Day Two or anything. But, still...

So, one of the women who works there was helping me out after my boss left early. She walked out of the studio I was in and, as I stood up to follow her, the chair slid funny and fell over. I kind of caught it on the way down before it could make a loud noise, but I could not for the life of me get it back up. The wheels kept rolling it in different directions, preventing me from getting it upright, and I kept having to step over it and try to haul it up from another angle.

Basically... I wrestled with a chair for a good 20 seconds or so. I have no idea if the woman wondered where I was or turned around to watch the show I was putting on, but I'm going to pretend she didn't and think I pulled off Wrestlemania '08 without an audience. Or perhaps she's updating her blog, or her friends, right now with the story of the well-dressed, fairly well-spoken woman who couldn't get out of a chair without creating a spectacle.

Hey, if this was SJ telling the story, there would have been broken bones involved... at least in my case no one got hurt!


Srg said...

Well at least you didn't fall over with the chair! Or fall onto it as you tried to pull it back up. That would have been me. And I still don't know what your new job is or where you are (although I have an idea about that one.) So that means we need to have another girl's night soon!

sj said...

oh, KAT. my dear, dear KAT.

Only you can wrestle a chair the first day on the job -- wait hold up - i was in the middle of typing my comment when i just saw a commercial for a shoe bar?! -- and now i lost my train of thought.

but i think it was going to be something like- "HAAHAHAHAH!!"