Wednesday, May 14, 2008

and my arms are totally tired.

i am back in our peaceful little state, after a long weekend in raucous, dimpled-chad-counting and (horribly) on fire florida.

that's right. we're jet setters. we pick up on a moment's notice and just take off. to places like Morrocco, France, Italy.... or well, actually, EPCOT.

doesn't it seem like i'm in disney all of the time? i know. to me too. but this time, it was so fantastic because i got to see some fantastic musicians. and one in particular whom i totally adore made our trip even better. i cannot stress enough to anyone traveling to Disney to make it a point to ditch the kids for a night and hit up Jellyrolls. even after standing in the soarin' line (and perhaps especially after standing in the soarin' line), you need a place where you can listen to fantastic entertainers and just relax. for us -- and we are not usually bar goers -- that place has always rocked.

our trip itself started out a little rocky (bumpy, bumpy Delta) when my fellow passenger in row 41 (full flight. but cheap!) was um... 4 years old. her mom was on the other side of the aisle with her two other siblings, and behind her was the aunt and additional child. no father - it was just two moms with their four children under 6 on vacation to Florida.

so the little girl and i bonded, while j just shook his head. i colored, i played some games, i fished animal crackers out of a backpack, etc. i also watched a little bit of the Barbie Mariposa movie (i was kind of hoping the battery would die on the portable DVD player).

good times! i did kind of wonder whether i'd let my 4 year old girl sit next to some stranger (although, the mom totally referred to me as a girl- "go sit next to this nice girl") but the mom totally had other things on her mind -- the youngest child spent the better part of the flight screaming.

we really tried to relax - i had a massage appointment on Monday morning (so much better than sitting in traffic), and we tried to veg out in the hot sun for as long as our pale northeast selves could take it. (mind you, with spf 45 and sunglasses).

but somewhere between walking from ride to ride (short lines!) it dawned on us that we really should consider the beach next time. we do go a lot, mostly because j loves it so much and we stay there virtually for free. and who am i to say no to a luxe one bedroom villa walking distance to Wolfgang Puck's and a few other fine restaurants?

so we're back. oh, and the woman that passed out while watching the Canadian circlevision movie and smacked her head on the hand rails was *not* me. i managed to come through this four day weekend with no scrapes and no broken bones.

i consider it a breakthrough.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you survived it, and enjoyed it! 4 year olds seem to want to talk to everyone, all cares of "strangers" go out of the window. Ned is just like that at the moment and it is scary. I have to fly to England at Christmas with the "DVD Player" so I will now remember to be considerate and make him wear the headphones! Although he will be watching things that are a lot cooler than Barbie!