Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Job hunting 101

Do not, under any circumstances, imply to the person whose job you are taking over that it's easy. From the very first resume and cover letter I received today:

"I am not much of a Journalist, but I am sure with my eagerness to learn, it shouldn't be that hard."

Um, really?!? I went to college for four years for this-- I even majored in it-- and I've worked for three separate newspapers to get where I am. Not that hard? Bite me.

(Of course, when I called the Pretend Husband to complain, his response was, "I've been saying that for years." I'm being attacked from all sides. Since when does the Fourth Estate get no respect? It's an entire estate, people. You might have a job, but I have an estate!)


Kathy said...

I hate it when my husband doesn't agree with me...

Chris said...

This person deserves the job.

I love the idea that they would have sat and thought... "Hmmm, now what would be a great opening line for a job as a journalist... Hmmm... Hmmm... I know!"

I'm not much of a journalist...

Really it can only go downhill from there.

Did you invite them to interview?

sj said...

KAT -- i'm hiring too. can you send me his resume?


actually, i've had some doozies of interviews, including the guy who kept me on the phone for a ridiculously long time trying to elicit the train schedule from me. and the dude who wouldn't take his jacket off (a starter jacket over a suit - interesting look) despite my several offers to take his coat.

i think he thought i was being literal.

chris! it's been a while - so happy to see you haunting our pages again. how are those IKEA housewares treating you these days?

Molly said...

He's a keeper! If not to just get coffee and donuts for the real journalists!