Monday, April 14, 2008


this post title has a double meaning. 1) it's what e calls it when he wants to toast someone. (because the glasses go "dink!" when you clink them. 2) it's what anonymous refers to me as, since i have no children of my own.

i went to visit my parents yesterday, and in turn, to visit my grams. my sister and e were around, so i took e upstairs to go visit my gramma. (she is still hanging in there, thank you for thoughts and prayers). she's doing okay- but not making much sense. at least, not to us. but apparently, her and e speak the same language.

me: "hi gramma!"

e: "hi gramma!"

gramma: "hi!"

gramma: "where's your horse?"

me: "um.... where's my...?"

e: "yeah, auntie sj, where your horse?"

gramma to e: "it's sleeping. she lost the picture."

e: "yeah, auntie sj. it sleeping. go wake it up! and get picture!"

me: "um.... okay"

i get up off the bed, and put my shoes on.

e goes over to the couch and says "wake up!"

gramma: "yeah, that's it. wake it up!"

e looks at me and says, as if he knew what i was thinking: "i know."

i took my shoes back off. he's a wise little man.

last friday night, j and i paid a visit to my parents. i had heard through the grapevine (known around here as "anonymous") that little e was visiting my parents (read: they were baby sitting.)

we stopped by after dinner, just around 7:30 or so. we walked into the kitchen, and looked around, called out "Mom... Dad...?" but alas, they were not responding.

one could tell from careful examination of the kitchen floor (or not even careful examination but more like - just glancing briefly), that it looked as if e was around. there was a scattering of toys on the floor, a blanket haphazardly tossed about, a half destroyed piece of cake was left on the table, sprinkles all akimbo.

all in all, it looked a little like what the three bears must have seen when they came home to their cottage, methinks.

i found him, eventually, upstairs with gramma, my mom and our aunt. he tackled my knees when he saw me -- my favorite kind of greeting. we visited for a while, before going downstairs to watch "the cats" (the Aristocats).

it was a long day, and i went up and down and up and down visiting grampa and uncle j carrying little e the whole time. finally, it was time to unwind. i need some wine. so i filled myself up a glass from my mom's favorite red boxed wine and sat down on the couch with a sigh. e looked up at me, and offered me his sippy cup.


"yes. that's exactly right, e."


FunnyGal KAT said...

Boy, Anonymous knows how to grow 'em... what a cutie!

And the story about e visiting gramma is priceless. Did you start feeling like maybe you were going a little crazy since you seemed to be the only one not understanding the conversation?

Kathy said...

e. sounds like a sweetheart!

sj said...

kat - i often feel like i'm going a little crazy, so that conversation was really no different.

kathy, he *is* a sweetheart. i'm sure anonymous can tell you that he can be a challenge from time to time (just wait for our *two* family vacations this year - in a few weeks we head to vermont and in november, to see Mickey Mouse) -- but he's a beautiful child.

but i also admit that i'm happy to hand him over at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

You guys are making me get all 'teary-eyed'!!
Thanks Kat and Kathy...

SJ has it right... he can be a challenge.. but I am lucky to have such a 'free spirited' child!

Srg said...

I think we need to get e and B together at some point. B loves to do "cheers" as he calls it and it would be great to see the 2 of them "dink" together!