Thursday, February 07, 2008

Six lies and two truths about KAT

Hey kids, put your thinking caps on! We're going to play a little game called "Six Lies and Two Truths About KAT." I got the idea from Isabel at hola, isabel, who not only came up with some pretty creative stuff, but completely stumped me. Leave your guesses in the comments. I haven't decided what the winner will get, but it could be anything from a box of chocolates to my eternal admiration (or perhaps both!)
Oh, and SJ is prohibited from playing because she knows me too well for this to be any fun for her. Good luck!

1. When I was a kid, I really, really wanted to be a doctor. My mom even made me a white coat to hold the stuff from the Fisher Price doctor’s kit. The dream ended in high school biology when I discovered formaldehyde made me ill.

2. I only applied to one college. It was lucky I got in because I didn’t really have a back-up plan.

3. I was engaged once long before I met the Pretend Husband. My first engagement was the stereotypical “we were young and in love and wanted to be together forever” story.

4. My first time on an airplane was when I was 19 going to a basketball tournament out west with my college pep band. Yes, I did have a bit of a sheltered childhood, why do you ask?

5. My middle name is Agatha.

6. I no longer eat red meat, but tried some pretty crazy things before I made the decision. Among the delicacies I’ve tried: frog’s legs, escargot, squirrel (just one bite!) and shark fin soup.

7. I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until I was in high school. I was only supposed to have braces for two years, but not having all my adult teeth for so long caused me to have braces for a grand total of six years.

8. We couldn’t have a cat or dog growing up because of my brother’s allergies, but we did have a pet frog named– creatively enough– “Froggy.”


KAT's little sis said...

I suppose I'm excluded too?!?

FunnyGal KAT said...

Sorry, little sis, you're excluded too. In fact, SJ might get a little stumped (the PH had one wrong last night...), but this would be a cakewalk for you.

Molly said...

3 and 6 are the truth, the rest are big fat lies!!

If I win I would like an all expenses paid trip to Boston please!

sj said...

i'm pretty confident i know the answers here, but i'm not going to spoil it for everyone...

but molly, i'm afraid you didn't win... KAT's middle name is definitely not Agatha.

Srg said...

Thanks for giving one away SJ!!

I'll go with 2 and 7 are truths - the rest are lies.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Good guesses all around. I will reveal the answers either over the weekend or on Monday to give others a chance to play.

Molly said...

I didn't say her middle name was Agatha, I said that one was a lie. I know she doesn't eat red meat so that is true, which is number 6 and the other is number 3, I think she was engaged before. So everything else including the Agatha name are lies.