Thursday, February 28, 2008

A funeral, a road trip, an injury and a bad word... just another weekend for KAT

Unfortunately, my weekend wasn't quite as glam as SJ's, especially since it was spent at a funeral out of state. But the weekend had its highlights, among them:

- While getting ready in the hotel room before the funeral, I managed to take a chunk of skin off my ear. A chunk. It involved a fingernail and trying to style my hair. It's all very tragic and I will now have to bring a stylist in each morning to do my hair and avoid future trauma.

- My brother drove us to the hotel. Among the gems he came up with this weekend was announcing the upcoming rest stop. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot. We will be stopping at the Walt Whitman rest stop in a few minutes. We anticipate some turbulence before landing." Then he drove over the rumble strip of the highway.

- My brother, henceforth known as kat's little bro, told a story about work (he works in emergency services) that began with, "So there was a dead guy, a crack addict and a hooker..." Seriously, who else gets to tell such interesting stories?!?

- When we got home, I was taking my bags out of the car and noticed kat's little bro (who is younger than me, but is more than six and a half feet tall) hopping around my front yard. Hopping. In my front yard. Turns out he hopped out a bad word on my front lawn. I told him I was then going to have to hop over it so it didn't freeze that way. So he did me the favor of changing it to read "BOOK." And now I have a huge "BOOK" in my front yard. Yes, I'm a fan of reading, but not that much.

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