Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Left a Miss, now a Mrs.

I'm baaaaaack! Actually, we've been back physically for a few days, but mentally, I am fighting tooth and nail to remain in Aruba (where the sun always shines and the office has no way to reach me!) Tons of stories for our dear readers from the adventure that is our honeymoon, but not a lot of time to get into details.

My job needs me right now. Not in that "Oh, no one could do as good a job as I do. Tee hee" kind of way, but in the "Oh crap, the only full-time employee at this paper just took a week and half off and, surprisingly, her non-existent assistant did not pick up the slack" kind of way. I'm swamped. But SO enjoying this whole Mrs. thing. I may be 30 (and only days away from 31! Eeek!) but I still giggle to myself when people used my new, married name. So far, I've managed to keep the glee to myself.

So one quick anecdote from the wedding of the year... lil sis asked if she could give a toast at our rehearsal dinner and, despite the fact that I gave a toast at her wedding in April and included a slightly embarrassing story from our childhood, I agreed to let her. Well, she whipped out some obscure tale about the time we duct taped ourselves together and woke my dad up by being in the bathroom together giggling. As the story goes, Dad said, "One of you get out of there and go to bed!" and our reply was, "We can't! We're stuck together!" So, ahem, just another story from our college days (just kidding, we were more like 10 and 8).

Anyway, lil sis managed not only that little gem, but a shout-out to FunnyGals that had both SJ and I frantically scanning the room to see who among the crazy relatives may have been mentioned to the extent that one of us should leave the rehearsal dinner and find a computer to begin deleting posts. Luckily, lil sis did not give out our full URL, as both SJ and I thought she was about to. Instead, she cited my hubby's moniker as the Pretend Husband and presented him with a T-shirt proclaiming him "100% Real Husband." Which, now he is.

But I'm not sure about him not being the PH anymore. So, let's do this democratically (or, as democratically as we can without giving the PH a vote). What do you think? Pretend Husband for life? Or should he be the Real Husband? Or perhaps something else entirely? Let the people speak.


Molly said...

I still think he should be the PH - that way you can call him Pretend Husband, Perfect Husband, Pathetic Husband...you know, depending upon the mood!

Glad you had a great time in Aruba, am very jealous, but hear that your wedding was wonderful so am very happy!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs PH!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oooh, Molly, I like your thinking! Of course, from the happy little bliss that is Day 12 of our marriage, I'll assert that I will NEVER have to use Pathetic Husband. But, you know, talk to me around Day 1,347 and we'll see if I've changed my mind.

Thank you for your card. It was very sweet (and perfectly timed!)

Srg said...

Welcome back! I agree w/Molly. He'll forever be the PH in my mind!

sj said...

i just called KAT at work and got TOTALLY thrown by her voice mail, which now identifies her with her new married name...

now, i've been calling her by her new mrs. name, but somehow, hearing her call herself that was completely new.

but my question, KAT, is: will you remain KAT?

(and i vote for the ph as well. i agree with molly's usage -- it's so swappable.)

FunnyGal KAT said...

I will remain KAT. Lil sis tried to get me to convert to my new initials, but, alas, they do not spell anything (although, technically neither does "Kat," I guess). I've always signed my emails and posts with KAT because my first name is just so long and strenuous to type out (OK, it's not long, but you'd be amazed at how many tries it takes me to type it out correctly!)

You all went in the opposite direction than what I had anticipated. I, too, vote for keeping the PH the PH. When FunnyGals booms in popularity and the masses come flocking to read us, we'll be able to identify the fun little original readership by those who understand why my very real husband gets called the Pretend Husband (You laugh, but I expect two or three new readers to show up any day now!)

Molly said...

Pitiful Husband = Sick
Pubescent Husband = Acting childish
Proud Husband = Proud of the missus!
Private Husband = Keeping secrets
Plentiful Husband = Got a nice bonus for Christmas!
Popular Husband = Plays nice with the kids in the playground and they like him

And of course there is Playful Husband but I am not going there!!

Hurrah for keeping the PH!!

Little sis said...

Well, I was going to suggest the Always Supportive Spouse but that doesn't look so good abbreviated....so, I vote to keep PH too. I'm sure there will be times (when the honeymoon is over) when Chris wishes he was just the "pretend husband" again. Hee, hee...they all do. :)