Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We're gonna party like it's 1999...

We met with our wedding DJ last night to go over the details for that big par-tay we're throwing next month. I got a kick out of how happy she was when we told her she doesn't have to worry about announcing us, a cake cutting song, a garter toss song and some other stuff she normally has to do. We even burned songs onto a couple of CDs for her.

One of the things we had to do was go through a list of all the music she has and choose at least 30 songs for her to play. I guess I never realized that the bride and groom choose the specific songs played at their receptions-- which makes me wonder why I've ever had to dance to "Shout," let alone at every wedding I've ever been to. Actually, that was answered for us too, because, as much as we wanted things to be "different" and "cool," our DJ explained to us that there are old favorites that tend to get people out on the dance floor. I cringed a little as I checked off "1999" and "Love Shack," but I do prefer a wedding reception where everyone is dancing and having a great time to one where everyone stays seated while the DJ plays music that only the PH and I like (or, in the case of country music, only I like).

And my secret dream? A dance off. When my friend, Mrs. Cheech, got married a few years ago, everyone-- including many of the older folks-- ended up in a big circle on the dance floor, taking turns going into the middle of the circle and busting moves like only white, suburban non-dancers can. There were a lot of robots and sprinklers that night. But it was a blast. No one cared what they looked like, everyone was laughing and it's a night I'll always remember.

This is advance warning to the wedding par-tay... if you happen to be sitting down when the old-school 80s rap comes on, I'm going to need to see you on the dance floor. Bring it.


Molly said...

Well you definitely have to put the Time Warp in there from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! A sure fire way to get everyone on the dance floor participating. And everyone will dance to Love Shack, they can't help themselves and it will be hysterical to watch all the people who think they can dance and can't!

I still haven't received my invitation in the mail. Am slightly miffed!

sj said...

i did pick *a LOT* of songs for our dj to play -- among them "this one's for the girls" by martina mcbride, "indian outlaw" (we have a great pretend line dance shot of me and KAT, but she may not like that photo as much, as it exposed um... a questionable fashion choice -- more so than my striped shirt, i like to think), a host of madonna songs, old school billy joel, etc. i also had an equally long list of songs that he should not play, and songs he should "absolutely not play".

he took his job seriously and sought us out when someone requested "the stroll" because we had nixed the electric slide, macarena, holiday, we are family, etc.

Srg said...

sj - you had a lot of great songs at your wedding, but one that i'll always remember is that martina mcbride song. you should have seen our table - me, michelle and cindy all started crying once we saw you dancing out there with your bridal party! and every time i hear it on the radio i think back to your wedding.

sj said...

aww- s, had i known that, i would have pulled you all up to dance with us! it wasn't reserved for the bridal party, but that's just kind of how it ended up. that's so sweet! i miss you all -- michele i haven't heard from in years, and cindy i hear from sporadically.

the one song that really still gets me today is the song i had them play for my aunts. it's a song called "better things" by dar williams. i played it for my aunt betsy. she died about 6 months after our wedding after a hard-fought battle with cancer. our wedding was the last time her and her sisters and brother and mother were all together.

i had also hoped the song's positive message would remind my other aunt that despite everything that's happened (her husband died the day before my sister's wedding), there is still so much to life.

Anonymous said...

dancing and the music are the best part of a wedding.
SJ I remember yours and the dancing and those that danced like there was no tomorrow (I also remember your wedding so well because I was SOBER)
KAT- its your special day, and you should dance to the music you like...totally agree, however mix in some 'beverages' and '1999' and you are going to get some people HOPPIN!!! LOL