Monday, October 08, 2007

my weekend fun. and today's my anniversary. and i'm old. and more.

I apologize in advance for being a little random.

A summary of points:
I am too old for my age, apparently.
I’ve been married for three years today.
It’s still a little scary to see my friends pregnant.
Another close encounter of the sephora kind.
Just another weekend four-wheelin’ with my family.

There’s no getting around it. I realize this mostly because it’s not that I feel old, or that I’ve started to identify creeping lines around my eyes. I realize this because everyone else around me is too damned young.

I noticed it a few weeks ago, and now I’ve been noticing it more and more. When I was 27, I was buying a house, getting married, changing jobs, etc. It’s a crazy time. I absolutely realize this and some people handle stress in different ways. But apparently, I was an old 27. because the 27 year olds that I know, are much less like me. the 27 year olds I associate with today giggle too much and at inappropriate times (like when in meetings with the president of our company), are entirely too boy crazy, and their lives revolve around going to the right bars and ordering the right drink (which apparently is no longer the cosmo it was when I was 27, but it does seem to change every week. a month ago, it was oyster shooters.) I *know* this isn’t the case for every 27 year old. But I didn’t know any of these types when I was 27. I’m just saying….

And on the other hand, after the news that a very dear friend is expecting, I thought: good lord. We’re too young.

And once again this weekend I braved the beauty counter at sephora (this time, to pick up concealer, because my 30 year old skin decided this week to act like my 13 year old skin) and was waited on by a woman in her late 40s, I would assume, who had DRAWN IN her eyebrows and then HIGHLIGHTED THEM IN PINK. Which I find bizarre, but whatever – if she wants to have hot pink eyebrows, that’s cool. They matched the hot pink line around her mouth. But what really killed me is when she said to me: “I prefer a natural look…” when trying to push a night-time make up on me. here is where I wished I had botox so that I could have prevented my eyebrows from jumping through my hairline when she said it. because I felt bad for betraying the fact that I found that to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long, long time. I was also a little baffled by why someone would have to put makeup on at night. unless I missed the point of her sales pitch. Maybe she prefers a natural look when she’s sleeping. That would make much more sense.

I also got together with my family on Sunday for a little family ATV riding. Because what says family bonding like a little too much time on the quads. (actually, we were also up there to pick pumpkins, but I think more time was spent free-wheeling on the quads.) it started with my dad mentioning that he was thinking of going. I said I wanted to go with him, because I needed more pumpkins for KAT’s jack and jill (for centerpieces). Then Jason wants to go because dad will take the quads. Then anonymous and family were going, and an hour later, the entire family was convoying up to ashford.

That’s how we roll.


Molly said...

I think this is why all my dearest friends are older than me - so I can still feel young!

Sometimes it's okay to feel a little old, because you can look scornfully upon the "yoof of today" who act foolishly and while they won't care right now about what the old hag giving them dirty looks thinks, they will in time to come realize how idiotic they were.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you are an old hag, just trying to think along the lines of a young 'un!

S said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! I think you should come down to Disney with us next week. That'll make you feel young again! Of course, so will cute almost-4 year olds who'll talk your ears off. You should have one - they're a lot of fun!

sj said...

you're going to disney? wait- maybe we will!!

actually, we're going down dec. 5-10, if you guys are up for a second trip...

we're also planning a trip for next fall with my sister and her little one -- THAT would be a fun group! :)

that sounded dangerously close to calling me an old hag! actually, molly, you're right. perhaps i was a really old 27. and i was certainly today's 27 when i was.. 22 or so.