Friday, August 31, 2007

it's way too early for this. please just give me my coffee. . and 45 freakin' munckins.

all summer long, i've had to train people. i've tried to be a really nice trainer and do things like give them candy and bring them baked goods because i feel bad for every poor sucker that has to sit through my 3 hour presentation.

but since the broken rib impedes my baking ability (how much does that suck), i decided to stop off and pick up some dunkin donuts for the poor saps.

i went to a dunkin donuts i never go to, but it's on my way to work. it always looks dead - which at 7:30 on any morning seems bizarre. but whatever. i pull into the parking lot - which is no easy feat because it seems like i'm pulling onto the entrance ramp to the highway when i do so. the parking lot is empty. practically.

i walk in and there are 7 people working. and no line. usually, you'd think "I'm so freaking lucky!" but that's before you talk to them.

i ask for two boxes of 45 assorted munchkins. which seems pretty basic. i haven't bought them in a while, but last time i did, it wasn't an issue.

the girl looks at me, pauses, and says.. "uh okay." and proceeds to shove munchkins by the handfuls into this little box. okay- so they don't count. i get it. they just fill the box. whatever.

the girl standing next to her who witnessed this entire exchange says: are you all set? and i think - she can't be talking to me. which wasn't as easy to figure out as you'd think because a) she was cross-eyed and b) there was another customer who came in after me. so i say nothing. and then she ma'ams me. "ma'am, what did you get?" okay, you were standing there, but i'll bite.

"two boxes of 45 assorted munchkins."
"uh..... we only sell them in 25 and 50."
you'd think the first girl would have told me that before.. um.. trying to shove 45 into one box? or trying to figure out how to put exactly 45 munchkins in two boxes? i couldn't figure out the method. i just said "fine- whatever she gave me. can i also get a medium iced decaf regular?"

"uh... do you want cream and sugar?"
isn't that what regular is? "yes, please."
"and.. uh.. not like french vanilla?"
"no. regular. decaf. iced. medium."

it wasn't until i got to work that we discovered the rest.
guy who works with me: "munchkins! awesome- what kind?"
me: "two boxes of assorted. one's for training.."
guy: "these aren't assorted.."

she had separated out, it seems, three kinds into one box, three kinds into another. i think if i had asked for 5 boxes, it would have been one box of each kind.

and this folks was all before i had my first coffee.


FunnyGal KAT said...

Funny, I thought Dunkin Donuts only hired PhDs! Even before I got serious about drinking coffee, I knew what "regular" meant.

I should add that I'm one of those "medium iced caramel swirl latte, no whipped cream, skim milk instead of cream" people... I'd say I get exactly what I ordered about, ohhhhh, 25 percent of the time!

Molly said...

First of all, you are so lucky to have Dunkin' Donuts. I have not visited one for years, since my traveling days, and am highly jealous. I have to put up with the likes of Starbucks who have raised their prices twice within one year. Like they need the money! Secondly, I knew what "regular" meant before I ever came to this country. I think the "youth of today" are pretty dumb and have grown up on lattes and mochas and don't know how to make good old fashioned coffee!