Thursday, August 30, 2007

Even if the rows weren't that straight...

To quote SJ, "I broke my rib, not my funny bone" (which, by the way, is how she filled me in on the seriousness of her injury... after I had mocked her on the Internet while thinking she was just fine, if a little bruised). Anyway, not breaking her funny bone means SJ has no excuse not to post.

But I think it's my turn now and I'm going to use the floor to brag a little. There have been various times when it's hit me that I was actually a homeowner. Like when we had been living in our house for a week or so and no one showed up to kick us out. And during all the hours of peeling wallpaper and pulling up rugs (and no one arriving to yell at us for tearing apart their house). And the big one was writing the check for our mortgage.

This week marked another milestone in the KAT becomes a grown-up journey. I mowed the lawn! With a push mower and everything (even if it was a bit of a cheat because it has front-wheel drive). I did mow the lawn a couple times growing up but it was with a riding mower and it rarely happened because my dad enjoyed doing it too much (it may have had something to do with the hat he wore that had straws from his mouth up to two cans of beer, but you never know...)

Anyway, the Pretend Husband "let me" mow the other night. And... that's about it. I don't know, it wasn't really fun. But it wasn't terrible either. Perhaps a little boring. But it did solidify the homeowner thing. Because I put way too much effort into it to give up the house now.


Molly said...

Isn't it funny how men have no problem with mowing the lawn as long as they have a decent mower, or bbq-ing. They actually seem to feel like it is their role in life to mow our lawns and cook us meat. But ask them to do anything else and they become irritating idiots who ignore us. You are very lucky that your "man" allowed you to mow the lawn! And I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever!

sj said...

j mows the lawn now, but i used to do this for years when i lived with my parents and HATED it.

i tell him all the time that's why i got married. i hated mowing the lawn.