Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm willing to take some crap for this...

SJ is a blogger- she writes, she posts comments to what I write, she takes my suggestions for other blogs to visit and even occasionally leaves comments on those blogs.

I, on the other hand, am a BLOGGER. I have a long list of blogs I visit everyday (sometimes refreshing the pages multiple times to see if they've been updated yet and yes, I have gotten a little miffed that the writers I love to read had the audacity to only update once that day!) I also try to leave comments on all those blogs (although not on a daily basis) because I have heard that that's a great way to bring traffic to your own blog. It's a lot of pressure to live up to the FunnyGal KAT moniker, but I try.

My latest BLOGGER adventure was checking on a Website that gave our blog a rating, much like they do for movies. I decided not to put the little insignia on our sidebar purely because it clashed with the colors of our template, but I'm happy to announce that FunnyGals is official rated "PG."

Actually, I'm a little disappointed. All our talk about bikini waxing and where babies come from and other illicit activities and we still only managed to knock it up one notch from "G"?!? The reasoning for the PG, according to the Website that does the rating, was our use of the word "crap" twice and use of the word "drugs" once (and that was SJ talking about taking medication for a migraine... oooh, we're edgy!)

In an effort to kick things up a notch, all I have to say is, "I can't believe how high I got on those motherf-ing drugs last night. Boy, is heroin fun! Much better than cocaine! But I still prefer alcohol as my drug of choice. Tequila! Vodka! Gin! You feel like crap the next day, though." (How lame is this? Even when trying to be all badass, I still shortened "motherf-ing" so as not to offend anyone!)

Um, take that, PG rating!


Molly said...

You're such a rebel!

I don't care what the rating people say, you two are funny, especially SJ with the weird, I mean different, family! But I am concerned she has not written to me since I expressed my love for her (and you)! Yeah, throw some lesbian loving into your ratings and we will get you past a PG!

sj said...

molly! it's not true, is it? didn't i write you back? i swore i did.... granted, my mind hasn't been the same since the pain meds.

you know. all of those DRUGS that i take.

also, molly, loved your post re: the PORN store. (i'm about to comment on it.) not that i've ever been to one. or have SEX. i don't do that.

(Just doing my part to up the rating..)

Molly said...

No SJ, you did not write back, but I understand and sympathize with your drug problem so I will let it slide. This time!