Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's like those choose your own adventure books!

To try and map this out for you, the next post is SJ pointing you to the fourth post down, which means you should skip over the third post to get there (except if you haven't read the third post yet, then you should read that one, then the second one down, THEN the fourth one down). So the order is this one, then the third one down, then back up to the second one down then down to the fourth one down. Got all that?

You may notice (while scrolling up and down this page while trying to figure out the order of things before you give up and go read someone else's blog) that the post about SJ's birthday is a lot less colorful than it was before I messed with the code and erased all the photos from it. It's not just my lack of technical savvy (although I don't think anyone would argue that I have any), but an attempt to keep our lives somewhat private. I mean, it gets so tedious to be trying to have a quiet night out with your fiance and having people approach constantly to compliment you on your wit and gush about how they LOVE your blog (I mean, I assume it does... perhaps someone who has actually experienced this could tell us?)

In any case, the photos were a bunch of shots of us laughing and drinking alcohol. If you need to see that, you're welcome to join us on Friday night.

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