Friday, May 25, 2007

Gone Fishing

OK, SJ’s gone for the weekend on a fishing expedition so you’re stuck with me. To fill the long, lonely hours until she returns and graces this blog with entries people will actually comment on, I’ve developed a game. I’m going to list things that SJ could catch this weekend, along with the odds of each. Place your bets by listing your choices in the comments section. No money has to change hands; perhaps we can just do ice cream for the winner (now that’s my kind of game!)

Here we go… Things SJ may catch this weekend:
A trout: 2:1
A bass: 2:1
A sunfish: 2:1
A hook on her sleeve: 6:1
An eel: 15:1
The boat’s propeller: 10:1
A shark: 20:1
An old tire: 25:1
A catfish: 8:1
A cold: 1:1
Your write-in answer: _______________

I should probably tell you that I have no idea how odds work. So it’s going to be tough figuring out who won. Yeah, I took a class called “Ideas in Mathematics” in college. I’ll probably just buy myself an ice cream. But you should too. Isn’t this fun? We’re all winners at FunnyGals!


Molly said...

Your write-in answer: Sunburn?

Not that you can really "catch" sunburn, you tend to just get burned! Which I hope she doesn't!!

Chris said...

The clap?

A long shot perhaps, but that is the way I bet.

Lisa said...

I am all about the buying and eating of ice cream.

I hope that even if she didn't catch any fish, she did catch a buzz off of some yummy adult beverages! heehee.

Molly said...

Chris, you are awful! But it was funny! Although it won't be if SJ does catch the clap. Because I heard it is uncomfortable and also she would have a lot of explaining to do to her husband, or he would have to do a lot of explaining to her.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can not wait for Sj to post... I just returned and read this so it will be no fair for me to play the game- since I do know what was caught.. however... KAT..funny catagories.
I got hooked in the was NOT pleasant.. since the hook had a barb on it and it had to be CUT and PULLED back thru the skin. OUCH! My son learned that word VERY well this weekend... walking around checking everyones' "elbows" to see if they had 'boo boo's

KAT said...

Oh man, I should have had a separate pool for injuries to SJ's family! I mean, we're talking about the girl who injured her wrist walking through a parking lot, didn't make it 10 feet down a hill while snow tubing without hitting her head and sprained her ankle playing volleyball by jumping for a ball she could have gotten without moving. There's a reason her husband won't let her do anything more strenuous than throwing a Frisbee or football!

So 'fess up, Anonymous. Was SJ the one holding the other end of the line when you got hooked?

Anonymous said...

LOL... no SJ was not even there yet... she was still on the road.. it was My husband that did it.

My write-in Answer: Clams..
I will allow SJ to explain..

sj said...

lisa, no buzz, as i didn't drink this weekend (god knows the thought had its appeal at times...) but i did manage to "catch" a few good bottles of wine from a local vineyard!

and i was only about a half hour from the ben and jerry's factory. i am in fact congratulating all of the winners right now by polishing off a pint of cinnamon buns. yay for everyone!