Wednesday, April 25, 2007

we are such fun in public places

so KAT didn't post on it, so i will.

saturday night we started what i hope will be at least a monthly tradition of eating out together. okay. so we actually eat out together a lot -- but it's usually in a diner, and it's usually for breakfast and rarely do either KAT or I have eyeliner on.

i'm not sure what precipitated it, but we made plans to go to a restaurant for sat. night. this is something most normal adults do with other adults, but honestly, usually it's just me and j, and it's usually reserved to a handful of restaurants that we've already been to.

but to be clear, in case it isn't already, we are not four normal adults. j is our straight man, i suppose (side note, my husband just called me at work and randomly called me his little princess. which... okay. in the words of avril lavigne, maybe i am a "m@#%her #@%in princess"). the rest of us -- well forget it. there is no rhyme or reason to our antics. like for instance, the stair dance that KAT did for the entire restaurant as she walked down the stairs in a groucho marx fashion). kat and i are the loud ones, and the ph is the also a kind of straight man, but one who busts out spot on imitations, funny dance moves and also one with fantastic funny stories.

the great thing about eating out with friends that you love -- particularly funny friends that don't care if the table next to you is hanging on to your every word - is that a) no one cares when you reach across the table rudely to grab the last roasted garlic clove b) someone else will always order martinis with you and c) chances are at least one other person will eat red meat besides you.

oh -and most importantly -- they will also be willing partners to mock middle aged women at the bars pretending they're 21. and guys who don't get that the women they're hitting on are so not interested.


KAT said...

The table next to us was hanging onto our every word? I didn't realize that... or I would have been even funnier than usual. "What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt." HAHAHAHA!

Just for the record, I did a dance down the stairs in front of everyone because the last time I was at that restaurant, I fell down the stairs. I thought the dance was an improvement! Oh, and as SJ mentioned, I had a martini or two in me at the time. That may have had something to do with it too.

Molly said...

You know how you want to come to my martini parties? I want to come to dinner with you guys! Just a quick 7 hour flight and I will be there!!!

Molly said...

Oh, and if you want to see old women trying to look younger than what they are, go check out Emma's blog at It is quite frightening!