Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Does it make me look fat?

Ok, all you commenters who begged to see what my mustache from being in the sun all weekend looks like have worn me down. (And no, I'm not delusional. I know only Molly really asked for it. But I'm sure you're curious too. Or, like Molly, you just can't wait to mock me.) So scroll down for the evidence...

Be honest. Is it noticable?


Molly said...

Arrghhhhhh! It's worse than I imagined!!!!!

Now I would like to see the real picture please!

sj said...

that is so hysterically funny.

i'm also really tired.

but HA!!!!

KAT said...

I can't put the real photo up, Molly. Can you imagine the deluge of fan mail I'd receive from people mistaking me for Tom Selleck?!? I have to concentrate on my job right now and don't have time to read that much email.

Actually, you can't see an actual photo because I didn't take one... and my 'stache seems to have faded completely. But no worries, I play soccer every weekend. I will work on another one soon!

Zam said...

With both John and George dead, and Paul humiliated by the divorce and the Dancing With the Stars debacle, Ringo is happy to finally be center stage!

Chris said...

Dear Hercule Poirot,

That was very amusing,

Yours sincerely,