Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marching into March

Wow. March already. I feel like February flew by in an aching-back, coercing your friends to help you move, hauling everything you own up and down stairs, new home kind of way. I failed to keep up my journal during February… which happened for the first time since I began keeping a journal about five years ago. That’s how busy it was.

Some highlights:
– We took the pre-marriage classes at my church this month. A weekend of fun teachings, such as “Contraception is evil!” “If you are having pre-marital sex with your future spouse, that makes you adulterers. Do you really want to marry an adulterer?” and “Contraception is the reason for increased crime, poverty, single parent families, homosexuality and abortions.” And this was at a fairly liberal church… I can’t imagine what the conservative ones are saying!

– The debate rages on about whether the new wall color in our dining room more closely resembles “Brown Blanket” (its cheesy name given by the paint company) or “poop” (the name given by the Pretend Husband). I prefer to think of it as “Hot Chocolate” or something else that will make me actually want to be in the room! I’ll let you decide for yourself (but please ignore the ladder and the terrible finish in the hallway. I'm hoping both are gone soon)

– I got kicked at soccer last weekend and have been limping around on a slightly sprained ankle all week. It happened to coincide with a snowstorm (“Sorry I can’t help shovel, honey. It’s this darn sprained ankle!”) Two neighborhood boys have been bugging us to hire them to shovel our driveway (one actually came over and did it anyway… I’m not sure if he was being neighborly, was being punished by his mom or was looking for payment…) and my ankle was a perfect excuse to throw some cash their way. Now if I can just convince the PH my injury lasts long enough to get out of mowing…

– The story about… um, someone who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons (but it wasn’t me!) getting locked out of her car. She has one of those remote opener thingies, which apparently stopped working (I think the batteries died). Well, she went to a neighbor’s house and waited two hours for a locksmith to arrive to get her into the vehicle… not realizing the key attached to the remote would have worked just as well!

I’ve been bad at posting lately, but am trying to make it my March resolution to post more often. I predict plenty of posts about house stuff, getting back into my life after taking a month off to demo and decorate, house stuff and perhaps a photo or two of the cutest dog on earth. But why wait?


Anonymous said...

Hot Cocoa is a nice paint name, or since we are talking about a dining room here.. 'Gravy', 'swedish meatball'.. or 'chocolate pudding'

Molly said...

I like it, at least it looks like you have broken it up with a lighter color on the bottom half of the wall. And the good thing about paint instead of wallpaper is you can change it whenever you want!